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Making the World Cuter: December 2009

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


Bonus Guest Post! GoodNCrazy-Carissa Rogers

Carissa Rogers of was my Friendly Friday swap friend a couple weeks back, and because life was crazy she wasn't able to finish this tutorial that she was working on for you all! She is a Tweeting fool, and has tried to teach me some of the ropes, and has introduced me to a whole bunch of fun friends on Twitter. If you are looking for some guidance in the Twitter world-Carissa is awesome. Follow her @CarissaRogers and check out this tutorial!

"In my former life I was a molecular biologist. In my current life I am the chief researcher of bloggy html, parenting dos (and some don'ts), new recipes and for spice I pretend to be a photographer...I started blogging in February of 2008. I love the bloggy world where I share and connect with thousands of people about the happy, the sad, the rotten, and the silly! I have 3 crazy kids and one good husband."

Time for a Twitter Twute

Have you seen giveaways that include the HTML link for a one step 'click to tweet' a sentence? My last giveaway utilized this method. (Scroll down that post to see the example.)

Other reasons your readers might need to click and share a pre-set tweet:

  1. Say you are wishing a friend 'happy birthday' and want your readers to help share it too.
  2. Maybe you have a bloggy friend who is new to twitter and attempting to gather a following? You write up a post including the tweet that mentions the username of your friend and tell everyone she's awesome and worth following.
  3. Or you are sharing a Fab-U-lous tutorial and would like everyone to see it and share it?

  • In each case you write out your 140 character 'tweet' including the words SHORT URL (if you want them to be able to link back to your post).

    (for example)

  • Next highlight and select your tweet-words, and click the hot link button adding in the code below (altered with your sentence for the red words): YOUR TWEET SENTENCE HERE: SHORT URL RT

goodncrazy blue dots

Now for the tricky part. You have to publish your post before you can make a shortened url. (I like for shortening URLs.)

  • Simply publish your post, then immediately make a shortened url of your post (not your homepage your ACTUAL post). Copy the short URL. (Control-C)

  • You will have two places to replace the new URL where you still have SHORT URL written.

  • Go into your html code editor and use control-F to search for the part where you left SHORT URL, replace it with your actual shortened URL. Then hit search again and replace it a second time.

If you like this Tutorial, feel free to share it with your Tweeps!

Learn to create the HTML for a Tweet This Sentence.


Three Things Thursday, Barns, Birthdays & (not) Booze

I am so glad that we decided to make our gifts this year! The kids worked really hard on them, and the genuine love and anticipation of giving their gifts to their siblings, seriously had me tearing up on Christmas morning.
It was really special, and all the weeks of hard work really paid off.

I wanted to share what Bekah and Chad got put together for Porters Christmas gift...remember those blocks she was busily working on? Well they were farm animal blocks, and she wanted a barn to have them all store inside. She and Chad spent all sorts of time drawing up plans, coming up with exactly what they wanted, cutting the wood, nailing it all together, picking out the hardware and painting it.
It turned out awesome, and the little Port guy loves opening and closing the doors and putting all of his blocks (and everything else) in it.

January is birthday month at my house!
My birthday is on Monday, Bekah's on the 12th and Chad's on the 14th!
I was always a little (a lot) irked that my birthday was 10 days after Christmas...I always felt a little cheated. I also disliked the fact that my birthday was in the winter at all, because I REALLY don't like being cold, and I was limited in the parties I could have. (I know, spoiled rotten huh?)
Still, I loved my birthday, and I still do.
My mom really did try hard to make my birthdays awesome, but being the selfish snot that I was, it was hard to see past my mountain of birthday gifts wrapped in Christmas paper.
Well now it's just a joke between my mom and I, and she sent me these e-cards the other day, they just made me laugh...thought I'd share...

Lastly, for my neighbor gifts, I bought a case of Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Cider, and spruced them up a bit. I thought I would share what I did with a little scrapbook paper and a circle sticker.
If you are going to a New Years Party tonight, these would make a fun little hostess gift, or if you are hosting your own, these could make it a little more festive. The paper is a 12x12 piece of scrapbook paper cut down to 6x12, so each paper can make 2. Then I just cut a thinner strip of paper and wrapped it around. It was all secured with tape.

I made some New Years circles for you if you want to make your own bottles.
Or you could use these for whatever you want!

Download New Years Buttons pdf.
Have a happy and safe New Years Eve!
Thanks for the Fantastic year!
See you in 2010!



Get the Word Out Wednesday-Tea Rose Home

Can I just say that I LOVE Sachiko?!!
I have to be honest, I didn't know about Tea Rose Home until she left a link on Making the World Cuter Monday this week and she made the most beautiful things (yes as in plural, 3 actually) out of this shirt she found at a thrift shop.
(You'll have to go to her blog to see all she came up with-ahhh-mazing talent!)
I want to go thrift shopping with her so bad! I go into those places, and have a REALLY hard time finding the treasures in the trash. It's the organization of those places, I just can't spend the time digging, I end up feeling very anxious about the mess.
Anyway-Sachiko has a TON of beautiful tutorials. I'm talking beautiful...almost everything on her site made me look at my house and think, why?
She has a tutorial on how to make these corsages, that are just pretty...
She made this adorable felt food, and a whole lot more, for her daughters birthday. After all the felt sewing I've been doing for these quiet books, I have a completely new appreciation for all this fun felt food!
This just blew me away! She wanted a child size mannequin for her daughters clothes that she sews for her, and didn't want to pay the hefty price tag.
So she MADE one.
For under $20.
Not kidding.
I'm sure a lot of you already know about this wonderful lady and all her beautiful-ness, but if not, rush over to the Tea Rose Room, tell her I sent you, admire her talent, drool over the yummy Asian cooking, and delicious baked goods, and get lost in her stories.
I did.
edit***OH 1 MORE THING!!! I was just over there and she is doing a giveaway on her blog for one of those adorable stick on your wall vinyl chalkboards-run over there and enter! :)

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Toot Toot Tuesday-Quiet Book Tutorial (Pages)

Hi everyone! Well I didn't get anything new done yesterday, but I did finish up 2 of the 3 quiet books I've been working on. I finished up the one for my 3 year old super late Christmas Eve, (well I guess it was early Christmas day). It was worth all the late nights though.
Hands down, these are the 2 gifts that have been played with the most!
I still need to finish Porters (my one year old) but I just don't think he is going to get the same thrill out of it that my older kids do, they are both just really into pretend.
These have been perfect for them!
Sorry about the tutorial, I will describe them as best I can, but I didn't take pictures throughout the process since these were made after the kids had gone to bed for the last month while I was staying up watching movies with McDreamy. If you have questions, feel free to email me, I've got these down to a science now!

Here is the first page.
Here is the fourth and fifth pages, I also made a bear toy, but Topher wouldn't let me have it for the photo shoot.
For these pages I just folded a piece of red felt in half, and sewed the one side to the book.
I then used a piece of velcro to hold it together. For the second page I made a pouch for the toy box, and filled it with toys to either keep in the box, or wrap as a gift. The tools can be wrapped as well.

I'm not going to lie to you, these take a lot of time! The hand sewing of all these tiny little felt pieces can be tedious!
I think it would be easier if I could have done it during the day when I had spare time, rather than trying to get them done while the kids were asleep, (and I wanted to be), but it was fun to do.
I plan on finishing up Porters on the way home today. I have a 5 hour drive (in the passenger seat of course) ahead of me!

Oh and if you haven't had a chance, you need to look through yesterdays links! SUCH cute stuff! Thanks for sharing! I am loving Mondays!

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Making the World Cuter Monday

Did you do anything crafty or creative this Holiday weekend?
I had big plans to show you all sorts of cute things, but the day after our big Christmas shin dig, the majority of us all came down with a nasty 24 hour stomach bug, so we are just getting back to ourselves. Yuck!
Hopefully by tomorrow I will have something up and crafty for you.
In the meantime I would love some inspiration!
What do you got?

Put this cute button on your post, to let everyone know you are participating in
Making the World Cuter Monday!


Here are some other cute blogs to show off your work today!

It's So Very Creative at It's So Very Cheri

And as always tomorrow is...



Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

I had so much I wanted to post, but it is now Christmas Eve, I am at my moms house in Portland now-after a 5 hour drive yesterday, and now I just want to relax and spend this fun time with my kiddo's. So I will be be back on Monday sharing a few things from the Holiday weekend, and waiting anxiously to see yours as well!
And because no post is complete without a photo...Can't believe this was almost a year ago-look how little my baby was! YIKES! This year has flown by! Have a great Holiday weekend!


Wednesday Share

Such fun and adorable things you guys are sharing with me! Now that I have seen your stuff, tell your creative friends to get their cute projects over here too. I am a cute junky, and I need a fix! Remember the MckLINKY LIST will be here all week!

This is so dang creative! Desiree used her daughters foot and hands to make this applique! HOW CUTE!LOVING what Jen did with this wall! Ummm... I need an awesome colored wall like this first though! Seriously adorable though right?This is the cutest wreath ever! Summer made it for her little girls room, since she will be having another little cutie girl joining her soon! Yeah! :) Oh and she shares a tutorial on how to make one...such a peach of a gal isn't she?
Got more to show me? Bring it on! I'm waiting! :)
Link it up HERE.

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Tuesday Share

Okay, so I was going through the CUTENESS list and found these adorable things that I just had to share!
I said I was going to take the week off, but I think I will just share some of the goodness with you all week!
Enjoy the happiness that these little projects brought me!

Adorable EASY wreath! I am SO doing this-"Kids get outside and dig me up some pine cones, PRONTO!"This pillow cracked me up-she made it for a bridal shower, I would make a reversible one for myself. :)
These are cute little paper stockings that hold a whole bunch of stuff! What a fun little gift!
And....I had a tutorial on how to make these tile coasters not long ago...
these are SO dang cute!
I have to go now, there is a stack of tiles waiting to be decorated, and a wreath needing some pine cones!

I will post more cute ideas from this link list all week, so get your cuteness linked up, I want to share it!

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Making the World Cuter Monday thru Friday!

Happy Week of Christmas Everyone!!!
Well I know the rest of you are as super busy as I am this week, and with everything I am doing, and with the traveling and all...I am going to take the week off!
I still want to see your projects that you have been working on,
and those that I haven't seen yet that you've completed!
I will leave up this link list all week, so if you do anything cute be sure to link it up here!
If you are here visiting, be sure to go through and see all the amazing cuteness! I am always so inspired and awed at all the stellar talent of you all-so please share!

Put this cute button on your post, to let everyone know you are participating in
Making the World Cuter Monday!


Looking for more cuteness? Click on the "Cute Blogs" link above to find some more inspiration.
After you are done sharing here-share here too!

It's So Very Creative at It's So Very Cheri

And tomorrow be sure to check out and post to



Friendly Friday-GoodNCrazy

Hi everyone! It's me Tiff! I am writing over at GoodNCrazy today!
Carissa my friend here in town was nice enough to let me take over her blog, and share a little tutorial with you on how to make Candy Bar Cakes! (yummmm....candy...)
You should go over and take a look around her blog, especially if you want to learn more about Twitter or Blogging in general, she has a lot of great tutorials on how to add little extras to your blog like favicons, signatures, and buttons.
She is also on Twitter all the time, and knows what all the hip new social media things are about and has some posts on how to get involved in Twitter and Stumble Upon among other things.
She still has the giveaway for those children's pajamas as well going on, so go say hi, and make a new friend today!
Have a great weekend!



Three Things Thursday; Holiday Card, Candy Bar Cake and Quiet Books

Hi everyone! Are you all as crazy as I am this week? With everything from Holiday parties, playdates, school work, handmade Christmas presents, housework and making meals...does it always feel like nothing ever actually gets done?? Or is that just me?
I am usually SO on top of Christmas cards, getting the pictures, getting them made, writing out a newsletter and mailing them by the first of December at the latest.
This year not so much.
I just barely ordered them, and I think the only people who will receive them will be Grandma's who absolutely need them to get through the Holiday, for everyone is what you would have gotten in your mailbox if I was just a little more organized this year...
My new years resolution will be to get a bigger head start on all of this stuff next year!
I am making quiet books for all three of my little ones, and have just about finished the second one. It's a ton of work, but I think they will really like them.
Get this...the pages are pot holders that I got 2 for a buck at the Dollar Store!
I saw the idea on Obsessively Stitching, and just made it my own. I just sit up after they go to bed watching Christmas movies and sew tiny little felt creations. I'll have to show you the finished products...if they ever get finished that is! : )
Last year I made my mom and step dad this candy bar cake to put their gift certificate in that we got for them.
Tomorrow I will be sharing a tutorial on how to make these super fun cakes over at Good n' Crazy, oh who by the way is having a giveaway right now for a super cute and cozy pair of children's pajamas! Go over there and enter, and then come back tomorrow to see her guest post, and my tutorial ! :)
Happy Beginning of Crazy weekend before Christmas, and I hope your to do list is smaller and more manageable than mine!
Keep it cute! -Tiff

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Get the Word Out Wednesday-Out of Chaos

Steffany from Out of Chaos, participated in Making the World Cuter Monday and I couldn't believe some of the creativity coming out of this woman!
I can't believe she has anything left to give!
She is the mother to 5 kids, and three of them were all born on the same day!
That's right a mother of triplets!!!
I can't even, and don't even want to imagine!
Anyway this is what she shared...
She had this great vintage window, and wanted to do something with it.
Well she did just that! I don't think, even in my wildest dreams, I would have come up with something this perfect for the window! Adorable right? you remember my slightly inappropriate chalkboard frame gift idea? Well hers is much more appropriate, and would make such a great neighbor gift! Then this is what really did it for me! Check out this magnet board...with burlap! AND Burlap magnets! What the?!?! Well slap me silly, I will need these on every wall in my house!Go over and say hi to Steffany and tell her I sent you, and Steffany, if you are reading...Thanks for doing your part to make the world cuter!
***hugs and burlap kisses!



Toot Toot Tuesday-Puzzle Blocks Tutorial

Hi! It's Tuesday, which means Tutorial Time! :)
Puzzle Blocks-these are so fun!
I have seen these a couple places with photos on them, which would make great grandparents gifts, but my Christopher wanted to make puzzles for his brother and sister for Christmas, and I thought it would be a little more fun with some kiddy stuff.

(Just FYI-Christopher is 3 and has the attention span of a three year old, so he picked all the pictures, and helped me do the first set, and then he lost interest...but that's okay, he helped, and he is really excited about the final project and can't wait to give them to his siblings, which is what is really important, but this is a project that kids really can help or do most of by themselves once you get the prep done. )

The supplies:I went to the dollar store and grabbed a couple of books that had some cute pictures. You could do these with any theme-Christopher just wanted to do Christmas blocks.
I think it would be fun to do some Disney ones, or something else the recipient really likes. These turned out dang cute, and I am really excited that the kids are getting and giving such fun gifts this year and really had a part in the labor.
Then you will need Mod Podge, a trimmer, scissors, and a 2x2 (which is actually 1 1/2 by 1 1/2) cut down to 1 1/2" blocks, and then sanded.

The process:
First you need to get 6 pictures out of your book and cut them down to 4 1/2 by 4 1/2.
Then take each picture and cut it into three 1 1/2 inch columns...Then cut those down into 1 1/2 inch squares. You should have 6 squares.After you have your squares cut, you will then mod podge them onto the blocks.
***Tip: cut off any hangover paper, it's okay if it cuts off a little of the picture, they will look much nicer than paper folded over the edges, it just won't lay smooth for you. Trust me!
Then do that for all the pictures on all 6 sides of the blocks. You can see that my blocks are a little uneven, but the picture still works.
I took pictures of all the different puzzles and shrunk them down to 1 1/2 inch squares inPhoto Shop, (I'll show you why in a minute).
Here they are.

Finishing up:
Here comes the best part! You have your puzzle blocks, but now how do you keep them all together?
I found these boxes at Wal-Mart in the craft section and they measure 4 3/4 x 4 3/4.
How cute and perfect is that?

So I Mod Podged the boxes with some scrapbook paper, printed out my little squares of the finished puzzles and mod podged those on top. Now the kids will be able to see how to put them together if they get stuck! (I know Chad and I got stuck on a couple when trying to put them together to take pictures of them!)Then we put the blocks in the boxes with a picture facing up and look how nicely they fit!
Here is the Santa ones for Porter...
And the Nutcracker ones for Bekah...
Wrap some ribbon or string around your box, and you have yourself quite an impressive little gift!
What kid wouldn't love this?

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