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Making the World Cuter: Bonus Guest Post! GoodNCrazy-Carissa Rogers

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


Bonus Guest Post! GoodNCrazy-Carissa Rogers

Carissa Rogers of was my Friendly Friday swap friend a couple weeks back, and because life was crazy she wasn't able to finish this tutorial that she was working on for you all! She is a Tweeting fool, and has tried to teach me some of the ropes, and has introduced me to a whole bunch of fun friends on Twitter. If you are looking for some guidance in the Twitter world-Carissa is awesome. Follow her @CarissaRogers and check out this tutorial!

"In my former life I was a molecular biologist. In my current life I am the chief researcher of bloggy html, parenting dos (and some don'ts), new recipes and for spice I pretend to be a photographer...I started blogging in February of 2008. I love the bloggy world where I share and connect with thousands of people about the happy, the sad, the rotten, and the silly! I have 3 crazy kids and one good husband."

Time for a Twitter Twute

Have you seen giveaways that include the HTML link for a one step 'click to tweet' a sentence? My last giveaway utilized this method. (Scroll down that post to see the example.)

Other reasons your readers might need to click and share a pre-set tweet:

  1. Say you are wishing a friend 'happy birthday' and want your readers to help share it too.
  2. Maybe you have a bloggy friend who is new to twitter and attempting to gather a following? You write up a post including the tweet that mentions the username of your friend and tell everyone she's awesome and worth following.
  3. Or you are sharing a Fab-U-lous tutorial and would like everyone to see it and share it?

  • In each case you write out your 140 character 'tweet' including the words SHORT URL (if you want them to be able to link back to your post).

    (for example)

  • Next highlight and select your tweet-words, and click the hot link button adding in the code below (altered with your sentence for the red words): YOUR TWEET SENTENCE HERE: SHORT URL RT

goodncrazy blue dots

Now for the tricky part. You have to publish your post before you can make a shortened url. (I like for shortening URLs.)

  • Simply publish your post, then immediately make a shortened url of your post (not your homepage your ACTUAL post). Copy the short URL. (Control-C)

  • You will have two places to replace the new URL where you still have SHORT URL written.

  • Go into your html code editor and use control-F to search for the part where you left SHORT URL, replace it with your actual shortened URL. Then hit search again and replace it a second time.

If you like this Tutorial, feel free to share it with your Tweeps!

Learn to create the HTML for a Tweet This Sentence.



Blogger Polly@MakeMineBeautiful said...

Confucious say "Me no undastand". Wow, that was so far over my head. I guess I need to go check out twitter and see what it actually is.

I'm bookmarking this in case I accidentally get it figured out. Heading over to your blog to see what other information I can swipe.

Thanks for the tutorial.

Thu Dec 31, 11:06:00 PM

Blogger texasholly said...

Those shortened URL thingies are a challenge sometimes. I learned something!

Wed Jan 06, 08:30:00 PM

Blogger Carissa(GoodnCrazy) said...

Another hint.. if you run giveaways often you could link this to your 'giveaway' label and it will always show the most recent post you've published in the giveaway category!

Sun Jan 31, 09:17:00 PM

Blogger Mama Llama said...

this is great... it helps to make it easy for readers to tweet a link to your post. I recently added "add this" which pops the link into a small url, but this is 10x better by actually writing the tweet for them!

Thanks! Bookmarking this with all my other Bloggy tools!

Mon Feb 01, 04:33:00 AM


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