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Making the World Cuter: Tuesday Share

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


Tuesday Share

Okay, so I was going through the CUTENESS list and found these adorable things that I just had to share!
I said I was going to take the week off, but I think I will just share some of the goodness with you all week!
Enjoy the happiness that these little projects brought me!

Adorable EASY wreath! I am SO doing this-"Kids get outside and dig me up some pine cones, PRONTO!"This pillow cracked me up-she made it for a bridal shower, I would make a reversible one for myself. :)
These are cute little paper stockings that hold a whole bunch of stuff! What a fun little gift!
And....I had a tutorial on how to make these tile coasters not long ago...
these are SO dang cute!
I have to go now, there is a stack of tiles waiting to be decorated, and a wreath needing some pine cones!

I will post more cute ideas from this link list all week, so get your cuteness linked up, I want to share it!

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Blogger Bird said...

My sweet, darling Tiff!!!!

You are a suuper star! Thank you for this gorgeous surprise! I putting a button on my blog that says: "featured on.."

The wreath really is easy! Just a quick tip if you have any tiny gaps to fill, cut bits of pinecones using seccateurs (or garden scissors) and hot glue again. It took me less than 20 minutes!

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Xmas!!!
p.s. - Now, I am taking the week off... :D

Tue Dec 22, 02:22:00 AM

Blogger Bird said...

Forgot to say how coolthis pillow is!

When you say you're going to make a reversible one, do you mean one that says: "yes, please.."?? :D

I am also in love with the coasters...

Tue Dec 22, 02:25:00 AM

Blogger seven thirty three said...

Ahhhh - thanks for the kudos! I can't wait to give these coasters to my lil' sis. I know she is going to love them!! They were super easy to make too, which is always the best.

Merry Christmas! And enjoy your "time off". :)

Tue Dec 22, 06:59:00 AM

Blogger avisiontoremember said...

I love that wreath also! It is so cute!

Thanks for the pillow does say TONIGHT on the other side....hehehe

Thanks again!

Tue Dec 22, 08:31:00 AM

Blogger Katie said...

Thanks for the shout out☺ It was so fun to come and read your post and find the stocking on there! Especially because they were a pain to put together. Have a lovely holiday!

Tue Dec 22, 07:58:00 PM


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