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Making the World Cuter: April 2008

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


Super Duper

Who is that you ask? It's not a bird, a plane or even a frog...I went to get Bekah from school and this is who I picked up instead...
"Super Flying Bekah!"
She is the Hero that loves her mommy, daddy and brother and who flies through the air saying "Super Duper" all day.
I was really starting to wonder where my Bekah was when all of a sudden......she took off her mask and revealed her true identity!
It was my sweet Bekah all along, she was just in a disguise!

Apparently she learned about heroes today-she was so excited to trick me and Chad into thinking she was a super hero.
Too funny.


A day without pictures

Don't ask me how, but we spent the whole day yesterday doing fun things together as a family without my camera. I was sure I had it with me too, but I left it on the entry way table along with my purse. Dang it-there were so many cute photo opps too! It was about 70 and beautiful.
First we went to Gresham park and let the kids run like crazy and we took a small hike down to the stream and the kids, Topher, Bekah and Chad picked up rocks and threw them in the water while looking for little creatures. Christopher fell and skinned his knee, but was good as new in about 5 seconds with dad there to play all the fun stuff with him.
Then we went to Salish ponds where we thought we'd feed some ducks. We parked in the Target parking lot and took the somewhat long walk (for a prego lady in flip flops and a 2 year old fascinated with about every rock on the path) to the ponds. There were only a couple of ducks there so the kids threw a ton of bread in for them until the ducks got their fill and the pond was starting to fill up with soggy bread.
We then walked back to Target and went inside for some Icee's and Nacho's before heading on down the road to our next adventure.
We went to the neighborhood pond in Clackamas where there are always plenty of ducks-but of course there weren't today-we just weren't having the luck with the ducks! There were quite a few, but it seemed they had already been fed a couple hundred loaves of bread by the time we got there which was evident by the bread crumbs all over the lawn and floating in the pond. We added our share and let the kids run around on the grass until they were all good and wore out.
Then we went to my moms-she is in Utah for her step brothers funeral and Jim was in Seattle visiting his sister so we raided their fridge had oursleves a little salad bar-then we cleaned the kitchen and living room as a little happy day return present for them and went on our merry way.
There were lots of cute picture perfect moments today, that I wish I could have captured on film, but just this once, it was kind of nice to be able to just enjoy my family without thinking about getting all the pictures.
Still I will NOT let it happen again!


Christopher's 2 year old Portraits

We finally went and got these taken yesterday, a little late-but I'm just glad I got them done before we moved! Got them taken at Picture People for those that were wondering...


My Idol Crush...

...I know he won't win-but he is good, I would go to his concert right now and swoon with the other girls. I think he looks like John Travolta with those eyes except better looking, I think there is a little rastafarian in me-I love his dreads!
I am keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn't go home tonight and I get to swoon a little longer...

Personally I think David Cook should win, I think he's the most talented of the bunch, and Archuletta is quite huggable and sweet-but my heart and votes belong to Mr. Castro.

(I still love you Chaddy lots more than Jason, you have even prettier eyes and a fantastic voice...what do you think about growing some dreads and learning to play guitar? Ha ha-you know I'm teasing!)
Edit: Chad was crushing on old what's her name last night on idol-you know that British idol that Simon discovered, apparently she is doing alright with her little music career-so don't feel bad for Chad, with me confessing my feelings for Jason!
He's still in it baby! I'm so glad Carly went home, she was my least favorite from the beginning-not because she wasn't good-just not my bag.
PS Marque-Jason does not look gay-Take it back!


OIT Campus...Okay so a few of you, maybe most of you know about our upcoming 4 year adventure that will put us where we will probably be for the rest of our lives-but for those of you who don't, or for those of you who would like to know why and what led us to this endeavor-Chad has posted on his blog the deal-io!
Here is his blog: Chad's Blog
Or click on our side link=====>
Make sure you leave him a comment and let us know your thoughts about this BIG, SCARY and EXCITING change that takes us away from family and friends and puts us in the unknown... This is a view of Klamath Falls downtown area-it's pretty and a small town-I think we'll like it...


Tip Toe through the Tulips

Actually it was more like running through them-this has got to be the kids favorite thing to do-find a wide open space and just take off!
We went to the Tulip Festival today and it was perfect as usual! The weather was great-not raining and not hot and a huge perk not crazy busy! Chad didn't get to go last year because he was working or something-so the kids were excited to show him around.
I let Chad take the camera for a change and I think he got some pretty dang good pictures! Look at those tulips-aren't they perfect?The kids had a blast playing on this tractor, Topher did not want to get off-he could have stayed there all day.It was muddy from earlier rain-and of course the kids had to run through the muddiest parts-and Topher fell into a good bit of it! He was pretty concerned about his "ditty" hands for about half a second, and then started running again.Here I am in all my prego're welcome...Then we had to take the traditional cheesey touristy pictures that you can't help but love...
The kids in the BIG wooden shoes...The Horse Tire Swings....The one in front of the Windmill...And then of course-The "look what flowers I picked at the tulip festival 2008" shot.We had a great afternoon playing in the tulips and doing all the other little fun things they had to do there, and even Chad who wasn't 100% sold on the idea of going really enjoyed it.
It's one of those things that you need to do when you live here, and one of those things you'll miss once you move away. It's going on until the end of this weekend-so if you live here and haven't been yet-you need to.


Terrible 2's & Whidbey Weekend

We spent this last weekend out on Whidbey Island. Chad was doing a vendor booth at a marathon for MyoMed. We stayed with my sister and brother in law (thanks guys!) while we were there.
While we were there I was alone with the kids for most of the day-what a perfect time for Topher to really get into the terrible two's huh? He has always been somewhat of a troublemaker since about the time he could crawl-but more just a curious thing than a naughty thing. Now he is just plain naughty! At the park, he would run straight for the road every time Bekah would ask me to push her on the swing or anytime he saw I was more than 5 feet away from his side probably because he knows I can't run that fast anymore! Then he would laugh like crazy when I would come running at him to get him. We spent some time at the vendor fair walking around, more like me chasing him around because he would run behind the booths and play in the curtains and scream bloody murder if I tried to pick him up. If I asked him to do anything or even just call his name he would either say "NO" and run, or ignore me completely.
It was just one of those weekends!
It is amazing how much you can love your kids and wonder "what in the world was I thinking getting pregnant again" all at the same time. How I will manage with 2 little boys is an adventure I both look forward to and it also scares the heck out of me! At this time and stage in their lives I can definitely say my girl is lots easier than my boy-she has her attitude problems for sure, but she sure is an easy kid-she never does anything just for the sake of being naughty. Still that little boy has me wrapped around his finger with those huge eyes and grin-how could I ever stay mad at him for more than a few seconds?
The vendor fair wasn't all that productive for Chad-it wasn't terrible, but it was pretty small. There was a pretty positive spin on the weekend though-I entered his name in a drawing while walking around the booths and he won an iPod Shuffle! He was pretty excited about the whole thing!


Slackin....but with reason

I know I have been slacking on posting and on reading blogs and posting comments on them-but I do have a good reason. I have been sick for the past couple weeks with a bad cold and sinus thing that of course I can't take anything for-and it seems it is not wanting to let go of me-maybe it's the pregnancy thing that makes it stay around longer-but I have not felt up to doing anything lately and taking pictures of my kids in this apartment that I am starting to resent just because I feel like we never leave it, other than to run errands is just not high on my priority list. So until I feel a little better, or do something more exciting than go to Target for some dish soap-back off (mom!)!

Thanks Target, and a Confession

While sitting in the pediatricians waiting room (forever!) waiting for Christopher's well child visit, Chad and I were perusing the newspaper of things to do in Oregon for the month of April when the word FREE caught my eye. Target is sponsoring Free First Fridays at the Childrens Musuem every first Friday of the month from 5-8pm starting this month. Well it just so happenend that the next day was the first Friday of the month-so we decided to check it out. Please note in these pictures that Christopher did not have his nap, was very tired and did not feel like looking at me for a picture in the least.
The kids had a lot of fun, but there were SO many people there-Chad and I were feeling very clostraphobic. I think that place is a little crazy overcrowded on normal days-but you throw in a BUNCH of free seeking, get my kids out of the house they're driving me crazy, can't send them outside because it won't stop raining families and you've got a bit of mayhem! These families had a good reason to want to get their kids out of the house-I swear do you ever go to places like this and think you must have some of the best behaved children in the world?
Maybe I just don't like older kids-okay I know that's what it is! I REALLY don't like older kids-I know it's awful and many of you probably don't want to be my friends anymore for admitting that out loud-but they are soooo annoying! I felt like I had to keep my kids under my arms the whole time to keep them from getting trampled by the obnoxious little hellions! This is completely the reason I like OMSI so much more than this place-because they have a seperate place for the little kids that the big kids are not welcome at-of course there is the occasional parent that has to bring their older child in there because they have a younger and an older-but it just doesn't happen that much.
It's funny though-when I first got married-I just didn't like kids in general-I tried, my step kids, nieces and nephews were cute and all and sometimes funny-but most of all just overwhelming to me and I couldn't wait for them to go home. Then my sister in law had her first son-Connor, and it was then that I got baby hungry for one of my own. After I had Bekah I LOVED babies-and having Topher was no different-I have enjoyed all of their ages so far and for the most part I have loved other kids in their own age groups. Hopefully that continues and when Bekah turns 6 or 7 or so and turns into one of those big kids-I'll still like her and the other kids she associates with! I know there are some exceptions to the big kid rule-there are some older children that I can tolerate being around for more than a few minutes before I start getting itchy to get away from them-there are some really great kids in my own family who I love to pieces.
But for the most part if you are much over the age of about 5 and under the age of about 14-I'm proabably not going to like you all that much and I am going to be super protective of my kids around you, because I find you a little dirty (I know you didn't wash your hands good after you went to the bathroom!), a little annoying (honestly, have some self control around the candy dish, you could do with a LOT less sugar), and just too big to be all that cute anymore (maybe you're just going through an "awkward phase" for about 9 years).
Don't think that I like teenagers either-it's just that for the most part kids over the age of 14 think they are too cool to come to places like this and they usually ignore my kids because they are too busy looking in the mirror or at eachother.
Wow I am really not a mean person-I just would prefer to live in my own little protective bubble with my kids and the other cute, well cared for children their age would be welcome to come and play as long as they left their older siblings at home playing video games-because that's all they want to do anyway.
So maybe I am a mean person, please tell me I'm not the only one who feels this way-of course if you don't want to admit it, I completely understand-I'm wondering why I just did...
Okay so to sum up this post-
Thanks Target for the free admission.
I don't really like the childrens musuem.
I don't like older kids.
I might have to make some new friends who do not have access to the internet or at least don't know my blog address.


Makin a Splash!

Bekah started swim lessons this week and she LOVES them! I am so proud of her-she is totally coming out of this chicken phase she went through that made me nuts. She was a little nervous while she was changing, but that all changed as soon as she saw her class and started talking to some of them. She was so so so excited after her first class she couldn't wait to go again-she did everything the teacher said including putting her face in the water for a second! I couldn't get her to do that in the bath just last week-now she thinks she is pro swimmer-and nobody better tell her different!