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My Idol Crush...

...I know he won't win-but he is good, I would go to his concert right now and swoon with the other girls. I think he looks like John Travolta with those eyes except better looking, I think there is a little rastafarian in me-I love his dreads!
I am keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn't go home tonight and I get to swoon a little longer...

Personally I think David Cook should win, I think he's the most talented of the bunch, and Archuletta is quite huggable and sweet-but my heart and votes belong to Mr. Castro.

(I still love you Chaddy lots more than Jason, you have even prettier eyes and a fantastic voice...what do you think about growing some dreads and learning to play guitar? Ha ha-you know I'm teasing!)
Edit: Chad was crushing on old what's her name last night on idol-you know that British idol that Simon discovered, apparently she is doing alright with her little music career-so don't feel bad for Chad, with me confessing my feelings for Jason!
He's still in it baby! I'm so glad Carly went home, she was my least favorite from the beginning-not because she wasn't good-just not my bag.
PS Marque-Jason does not look gay-Take it back!


Blogger XO said...

We all think Brooke will go home tonight, but I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

Wed Apr 23, 02:59:00 PM

Blogger said...

I am not an Idol watcher, but I must say, while I like this guys dreads, he looks quite gay.

Wed Apr 23, 08:07:00 PM

Blogger tim and priscilla said...

NOOOOOOoooooooooooo! JASON? so you are one of the dedicated fans that keeps him in the competition... tiff, he has little creatures living in his hair, i promise, i saw one:)o.k., he DOES look like a nice guy, a total sweetheart actually, but just not my fav. i love the two davids, brooke always looks like she is pouting and seyesha is good but, i tend to look past her. all i can say though, is good riddance to kristy lee! yes, i am an idol freak. recently turned into a twilight freak too. read the 1st one in a day, the second in 6 hrs, and the 3rd in a day. could not put it down. checked the website to see the actors that are playing the roles in the movie. i have preordered the 4th. i love that her books are such light easy reading. nothing too complicated. i didn't really like jacob at all, but after i saw the actor playing him, he was so cute and nice, i have changed my perspective. good luck with the move and the new adventure. it will be fun, how is the little one doing? the one in your belly? hope you are feeling well!

Thu Apr 24, 09:13:00 PM

Blogger The Perkes Family said...

He has the longest eye lashes, huh? He definately isn't good enough to win. I agree it is between the david's. I love American Idol!

Thu Apr 24, 10:33:00 PM

Blogger Chad said...

I feel I have been replaced the way you swoon over Jason, Ah well as long as he doesn't know you exist I may stand a chance.

Fri Apr 25, 01:56:00 PM

Blogger said...

I don't think Jason is gay, though he might be. I just think he looks gay. I think you are the winner with Chad over Jason. Chad rocks!!!!

Sun Apr 27, 11:36:00 AM

Blogger Positively Peaches said...

I too have an idol crush. Mine is David Cook. At first it had nothing to do with his looks, not really my type. But from the get go I would get all giddy and want to hold JBody's hand when he would sing. He is okay with the crush. He even tells me that if it is going to make me get like that he would let me watch him all day. Personally I think my crush is going to crush them all and take it.

Tue Apr 29, 02:49:00 PM

Blogger Lisa C said...

I am right there with you on this guy. I love his style and his voice. But I also agree that David Cook is the most talented and I will be surprised if he doesn't win.

Mon May 05, 12:39:00 PM


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