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Making the World Cuter: A day without pictures

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A day without pictures

Don't ask me how, but we spent the whole day yesterday doing fun things together as a family without my camera. I was sure I had it with me too, but I left it on the entry way table along with my purse. Dang it-there were so many cute photo opps too! It was about 70 and beautiful.
First we went to Gresham park and let the kids run like crazy and we took a small hike down to the stream and the kids, Topher, Bekah and Chad picked up rocks and threw them in the water while looking for little creatures. Christopher fell and skinned his knee, but was good as new in about 5 seconds with dad there to play all the fun stuff with him.
Then we went to Salish ponds where we thought we'd feed some ducks. We parked in the Target parking lot and took the somewhat long walk (for a prego lady in flip flops and a 2 year old fascinated with about every rock on the path) to the ponds. There were only a couple of ducks there so the kids threw a ton of bread in for them until the ducks got their fill and the pond was starting to fill up with soggy bread.
We then walked back to Target and went inside for some Icee's and Nacho's before heading on down the road to our next adventure.
We went to the neighborhood pond in Clackamas where there are always plenty of ducks-but of course there weren't today-we just weren't having the luck with the ducks! There were quite a few, but it seemed they had already been fed a couple hundred loaves of bread by the time we got there which was evident by the bread crumbs all over the lawn and floating in the pond. We added our share and let the kids run around on the grass until they were all good and wore out.
Then we went to my moms-she is in Utah for her step brothers funeral and Jim was in Seattle visiting his sister so we raided their fridge had oursleves a little salad bar-then we cleaned the kitchen and living room as a little happy day return present for them and went on our merry way.
There were lots of cute picture perfect moments today, that I wish I could have captured on film, but just this once, it was kind of nice to be able to just enjoy my family without thinking about getting all the pictures.
Still I will NOT let it happen again!


Blogger Jessie said...

i know eh! a post without pictures on your blog is unheard of! lol

Tue Apr 29, 04:32:00 PM

Blogger A. Simpson said...

Gasp! Be still my heart. I can seriously see you sayin...oh crap, my camera, can we go back?!!

Tue Apr 29, 09:18:00 PM


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