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Making the World Cuter: September 2007

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


Because her mommy said to...

How cute is this girl? Her name is Hallie Horrocks and is one of my favorite kids-even though I've never met her (she also has a darling little brother too!). I know her daddy from about the time I met and married Chad and I have been reading his wife Sara's blog ever since he told me about it. Anywhooo...she tagged me-so here it goes!

What I was doing 10 years ago...

I was driving my mom crazy, dating boys that were soooo not good news! (I mean smoking, tattooed, women using, older MEN kinda boys). I pretty much thought I was the coolest thing ever.

What I was doing 5 years ago...

I was managing a Subway in American Fork and living my dream life in a 5 bedroom home in Pleasant Grove with my dream man and feeling perfectly happy, (albeit a little stressed about money) thinking I would never ever want to have kids-and still thinking I was the coolest thing ever.

What I was doing 1 year ago...

Managing an apartment complex in Portland Oregon (yes I am still doing that) playing with my super adorable and seriously smart 2 year old and loving every minute of having my extremely happy 6 month old little boy who was content to be cuddling with his mama and not into everything-thinking that being a mama was the best thing that had ever happened to me in my pretty great life.

What I was doing yesterday...

Playing go fish and cadoo with Bekah, talking to the new owners of my apartment complex about the changes that are coming and babysitting some of my other favorite kids, the Johnstons-Aidan, Xander and Hailie.

5 Places I'd rather be...

1. In my brand new house with brand new furniture with a big yummy dinner on the table and lots of friends over to celebrate our new house with us.
2. In Kauai again with Chad on a second honeymoon, eating some fresh terriyaki salmon and pineapple
3. At Disneyland with Bekah and Topher while they are still young enough to believe in all the magic, eating all the fun amusement park food.
4. In Utah at Scott and Suzanna's house with all of Chad's family there and eating one of Mona's yummy Sunday dinners.
5. Scrapbooking with friends eating peanut butter m&m's and swedish fish.
(can you tell it's dinner time and I'm starving?)

5 Treats or Snacks I love...
(okay this is just torture!)

1. Peanut Butter M&M's
2. Swedish fish
3. Chocolate Chip Cookies
4. Pumpkin Bread or Cookies
5. Pumpkin or Gingerbread Steamers from Starbucks

What I would do with 100 million dollars...

Okay-sorry but Sara had the best answer ever!
And I quote..."Contribute it to finding a cure for Rabies. (Anyone watch The Office last night?)"
Okay-for me, I would buy me a house and furnish it with pottery barn, (and it would have one heck of a scrapbook and art studio-stocked baby!) buy my mom a house and furnish it with Ethan Allen, put a million dollars in a savings account for each of my kids and us and with the rest of it-help other family members, friends, strangers and anyone who needed contributions for a good cause.

5 Favorite TV shows...

1. The Office
2. Scrubs
3. The Ellen Degeneres Show
4. Gilmore Girls (it's not over-I won't accept it!)
5. Lost

5 People to Tag...

1. Amy Simpson (because I love and miss her like crazy)
2. Amber Woolner (because she needs to keep her mind occupied, until the perfect birth mom chooses them!)
3. Mandy Young (just because I know it will make her crazy :)-plus she'll tag lots more of you!)
4. Kama Petersberger (because she hasn't updated since May!)
5. Sara Fulkerson (because I know she wants something to do at work while she is supposed to be working, shhhh!)
If you haven't checked out any of these cute girls blogs-you should because they have cute kids and they are pretty dang cute themselves!
(Love you girls and you better play along or you will gain 10 pounds or something within the week!)


It's official....

I didn't know just how proud I was of Chad until he got this in the mail yesterday and I watched him open it up. I couldn't stop the tears from coming, and I can't stop them now as I think about what hard work it was for him to go back to school and get a degree while working a full time job, being an awesome father and most of all putting up with me through it all! I know the picture is not good at all, but it is beautiful in real life. He is already more than half way through his first class for his bachelors and is still doing all the other stuff too-he is an inspiration to me, who feels really just too busy to answer the phone sometimes. I am lucky to have such a hard working man, who sets out to do something and does it.
Congratulations again honey-I am so proud of you!


This started out to be me taking a picture of Bekah throwing a tantrum because daddy took her leaves away when she was bugging Topher with them. Basically, because it was such a HUGE fit, over a couple of leaves that she just got out of the backyard, and I wanted to show her proof of how silly she was being.
Then my sweet boy, the one who was being tortured with the leaves just moments before, came over and gave her hugs and kisses. It was a cute photo-op, but more than that-it was a little reminder to be quick to forgive those that hurt us, use us or just plain bug us. Kids are good to remind us of things like that aren't they?


Not as cute as he seems!

This picture was taken when Topher was actually being a pill.
I was trying to get a load of clothes into the dryer and he wouldn't stay out of it. I would pull him out and he would climb back in, before I got the chance to put any clothes in it. I decided to at least take a picture of the little stubborn beast, and instead of giving me the stubborn mad face he was giving me before-he pulled this cheeser. SO it looks like he is just being silly, but don't let that grin fool you! You now know the truth!


Row Row Row Our Boat...

That is what Bekah kept singing as Chad rowed our little zodiak boat around Harriet Lake on Saturday. This boat has been around in Chad's family for over 20 years and is still doing great, which completely amazes me! It came into our possesion at the first of the year and Chad has been itching to get it out all summer, this is the first time that we did though. I think he was a little disappointed the kids didn't have a longer attention span for it, they got a little fussy and bored about an hour after we got on it, and Chad only maybe got 5 minutes of fishing in.
It was still a great day out on the lake, the weather was perfect, there was hardly anyone out there and the lake was clean and beautiful. The kids entertained themselves by throwing their peanut butter sandwiches and crackers into the lake for the ducks and I kept myself busy trying to keep Topher in the boat. He has no fear, (have I mentioned that?)-he was set on trying to catch one of the ducks, and kept trying to climb over the side, it truly is a wonder that he didn't get wet, (and that I didn't finally just let him, he was driving me crazy!)


Have you seen...

...this baby? He's my new nephew-and seriously-I could eat him!
He is almost 3 weeks old! He is sooooooooooo cute! I love all his hair!
I cannot believe I have not met him yet-it's obvious that he needs his auntie Tiffy isn't it?
I might need to make an emergency trip out to Utah to get my Christian fix!

Say Cheese!

I was taking some pics of my bigger scrapbook layouts that I can't scan and Topher kept saying "cheese!" I put him up on the table and snapped a couple pics, then of course Bekah had to join in the fun. Turned out pretty cute I thought for an impromptu photo shoot!


Christopher has started wanting to do all the things that Bekah does lately. When we start cooking, he'll push a chair over to the counter and want to help. Chad was making French Toast for dinner last night (it was Bunco night-so I got yummy food, and they all got thier favorite thing!). Christopher helped stir and dip the bread. He is getting so big! He is learning new words every day-I can't believe he is already 18 months, but at the same time when was he ever little?

Stamp Happy!

Our friend Jason was saying sarcastically the other night that he really wished this kid would smile once in awhile. Seriously! Have you ever seen a cheesier kid? This was him after the storytime lady at the library stamped his hands with little blue elephants. The way he's grinning you would think that they just announced that chocolate was appropriate for every meal for a growing boy! Nope-just a couple stamps! I think that we could all take a lesson from Christopher and smile and enjoy the small things in life like you just won the lottery-who knows with an attitude like that you just might!


Fun Stuff! I have no pics to go with this post...but we have done a couple of really fun things the last couple of days that I wanted to mention.

First off-we went to the movie 'Stardust' which I was not at all interested in seeing-but my mom wanted to go. It was AWESOME! You all need to see it, if you like Princess Bride type movies that have a little bit of everything in them...fantasy, romance, fighting, comedy-that is this movie. We took the kids, and it might be a little scary for little ones...We covered Bekah's eyes a lot, it's about as scary as the more recent Harry Potter flicks...So good though, we all highly recommend it!

Second of all for my mom's Birthday we all went to the Brazil Grill, for those of you who are local-it's up by Portland State-the address is 1201 SE 12th avenue. It's just like Tucanno's for those of you who live in Utah. It's a Brazillian restaraunt where they come around to your table and carve a whole variety of meats-like bacon wrapped chicken, and filet mignon-flank steak, top sirloin, pork, shrimp, and lots more! They also have grilled cinnamon pineapple that is ohhh sooo yummy. It's a little spendy, but worth it if you are of a carniverous nature-It's about $35/person. They also have a yummy salad bar with different kinds of Brazilian foods. A really fun dining experience. Great date night or special occasion place.

One more thing to all you fine chiropractic students: MYOMED is now in the clinic at the school! The problem is, they want to make sure that the students will actually use it before they order any. (Right now-Chad has just given them product). If you are in the clinic at all, or know those that are, PLEASE use, push, and share the LOVE of MYOMED! We really want the school to start ordering some product, so anything you guys can do would be awesome! Thanks sooo much!


A shout out to G-ma!~

It's getting harder and harder to take this pic each birthday and mothers day! I know the you is sideways and Topher is not smiling...but let's see you get this kid to sit still this long! Anywhooo...get's the point across right? We love you Grandma! Happy Birthday! (check the videos too!)

It starts...

This is Bekah talking on the phone with one of her friends Jordan Chambers. She was telling her all about playing dress up and asking her if she could come and play...I couldn't help but think it's not too far off before she is calling friends to play all the time and then not too much further off before she is talking to her friends 24/7 about clothes (and the very scary topic of boys). Arrggghhh! Scary!


What is Real...

A little update on the Book of Mormon Challenge...I am at the end of 2nd Nephi and feeling so good about doing this challenge on my own this time! Last time I did it with Chad, and it was awesome, but doing it by myself gives me time to ponder and think about the things I am reading more. I am absolutely loving feeling the spirit every morning as I read, and I feel great the rest of the day too! Thanks again Jess for the awesome challenge to do this again!
On the same note...Bekah has Article of Faith #2 passed off, and it is too cute hearing her say the big words! She is close to having #3 done...Make sure you check out our video blog to see the little cutie reciting it!
(PS. Also if you haven't checked my scrapbook blog lately, I have been updating it A LOT lately!)


Laundry Basket Fun!

So this laundry basket provided some high quality fun tonight! There are a couple videos that will make you giggle, (well at least they did me), check them out here, on the Hewlett Video Blog! Ha Ha...just thinking about them...

Caught Red Handed!

I swear! This kid is going to drive me batty! He is forever getting into stuff and making messes. This is cereal, he just poured himself a good helping on the floor and put the box away. What a little stink! But hey, if you're this cute, you can just about get away with anything! (Luckily Charlie was here to clean up the stuff Topher didn't eat!)

Another great baby cage...

...I mean dog cage! This was getting it's bedding all cleaned and so Topher decided to have a look around. I had to snap a pic or 2 before I pulled him out...although having one of these for him, could really come in handy, and I don't think he minds it...look at that smile!

Horsetail Falls

We hiked up Horsetail Falls on Saturday-it was gorgeous and the hike wasn't too bad-unpaved trail, so don't try to lug a wagon up behind you like we did! (It's possible, just not the smoothest ride!). We had a little picnic on the rocks at the falls, and it was fantastic. What a great state we live in!


BIG Playdate & NO PICS!

Ok-so I did something a little crazy and invited a BUNCH of kids and their mama's over for a play date today. It wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be, everyone spread out let the kiddo's play and got some gabbing in of course. I though am a bit of a flake and forgot to take any pics of the event, so I added this pic of Bekah playing dress up this afternoon, just because it made me crack up. Bekah had an absolute blast and was so excited to have so many friends over to show around her pad. She has been on sort of a high all day, and has had a bit more than usual of an attitude with her mom too. All in all, I thought it was a success, I know I had fun and my kids had fun, I hope the other kids and mommies had fun too-I would do it again for sure...just give me a week or two!


What about me?

For the last event of the big labor day weekend, we had dinner at the park by my momma's house. Bekah just played with her little pull dog that I got at the one spot last year (I put it away for a few months because I was tired of having to drag it around to every place we went). Topher though was so cute-A bunch of teenager guys were playing basketball, and Topher found a ball-he just stood there looking at them, wanting so much to be invited to play. It was SO cute. He kept looking us and asking "eh?" Some day buddy.

Duck, Duck, Goose

We had an extra loaf of bread that we saved from the camping trip, we went to the pond up by my moms house and fed the ducks and geese. Topher wasn't much into feeding them, but loved chasing them. Me...a little scared of the geese, (a bad experience with them at Adventure Land Park in my hometown as a little girl), my kids have no fear though-even when they hiss and flap their wings at them. I hate them, the geese, not my took me everything I had to take these pictures without running up the rock wall. The best part had to be when Bekah said, "Look they're playing duck duck goose!" How cute is that!

What to do with the kids...

...when they just won't stop running in the street when you are trying to pack up camp. This actually worked out really nicely. The kids seemed to enjoy it. Don't judge, you're just sorry you didn't think of it!

A day at the Beach

We stayed right across the street from the beach-as one sign so nicely pointed out-300 steps from it! It was a lot of fun, although of course crowded because of the holiday and the choice waves apparently (there were SO many surfers on this beach-which was surprising since the water was so cold it was painful to touch. I know they had wetsuits...but still!). Topher did not want to leave at all this time, and Bekah got a little cold, so we didn't stay too long. We spent most of the weekend at the campground. We did go swimming in the pool and walk around at the shops, but not as much beach playing as you might think being that close, we went each day, but didn't play there much. Still any day even near the beach is a pretty good day still.

Little Bunny Foo Foo

The campground we stayed out was over run with rabbits. How they got there is a mystery, why they stay, not so much. Everyone was feeding them, including my kids. Topher loved chasing them and they didn't seem to mind him so much, which was pretty surprising as he can be a little overwhelming. Bekah didn't want to stop feeding them anything and everything! It was a fun little campground and the bunnies were definately an added bonus to the festivities.
This pic is for Tab, she really wants to see pics of Charlie-she is missing him like crazy!

This is how we roll...

Lovin the road trips!

We love road trips! Especially when it is just the 4 of us, my kids are both great in the car, no fighting or anything yet, so we opt for driving over flying when we go long distances most of the time. This weekend we weren't going too far, just to the coast-(Pacific City, in case you were wondering) but as usual the road trip was fun. Topher was asleep for most of the trip and Bekah watched a couple movies. I had fun with the camera, and Chad just drove. Good times...