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BIG Playdate & NO PICS!

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Making the World Cuter: BIG Playdate & NO PICS!

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BIG Playdate & NO PICS!

Ok-so I did something a little crazy and invited a BUNCH of kids and their mama's over for a play date today. It wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be, everyone spread out let the kiddo's play and got some gabbing in of course. I though am a bit of a flake and forgot to take any pics of the event, so I added this pic of Bekah playing dress up this afternoon, just because it made me crack up. Bekah had an absolute blast and was so excited to have so many friends over to show around her pad. She has been on sort of a high all day, and has had a bit more than usual of an attitude with her mom too. All in all, I thought it was a success, I know I had fun and my kids had fun, I hope the other kids and mommies had fun too-I would do it again for sure...just give me a week or two!


Blogger The Johnston's said...

I'm so sad that we didn't get to come. Aidan didn't have any sign of the HFM virus on him this morning and he hasn't acted sick at all, so I think the diagnosis was wrong. I think it was some sort of bug bites (he started sleeping on the top bunk when these mystery spots appeared) so I spent my day striping and cleaning his bed. Fun for me!! Good news for the rest of us though:)

Wed Sep 05, 10:21:00 PM

Blogger Jason Young said...

We all had a blast!!! I hope your home survived :)


Wed Sep 05, 10:29:00 PM

Blogger A. Simpson said...

How many peeps did you have there?

Thu Sep 06, 01:40:00 PM

Blogger The Woolner Family said...

The dumb thing is, I brought my camera with me and forgot all about it. Sam loved it at your house. We don't have as many toys, but next time we can have it at our place--we have a playground out back. The inlaws are gone next week--wanna try it then?

Thu Sep 06, 01:44:00 PM

Blogger Goodman Family said...

Sorry we missed your big party, but we will come next time! Sounds like the kids had a blast!

Fri Sep 07, 04:01:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a great time. Thanks

Sun Sep 09, 05:36:00 PM


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