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Making the World Cuter: May 2007

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


It was a Hot one!

How relaxing does that look? Asleep under a tree, with a gentle breeze....zzzzzz
As you can see the novelty of having her big bro and sis here has not worn off for Bekah!
It was such a nice day today-upper 80's even! I took the kids over to Gresham Park for a couple of hours to get some energy out. I even got up and played tag with them-and much to my disappointment, found that I am nowhere near as fast as Zachary-that kid can run! Unfortunately he cannot smile normal for a picture though! I told him to be normal for these pics and he said he was being normal...for him, that's about right! I took about 15 of these-and this is the best one...anyone want to take our family photos? Haha!

Memorial Day Party

Just a few pics of the little party we had at our friends the Carters last night for Memorial Day-we enjoyed some Popeye's chicken and fixins, and then had a little cake and ice cream to celebrate Rye's 8th birthday, (it was in April-but since we weren't there...)

Mommy, I wrote my name!!!

My creation, originally uploaded by tiffhewlett.

Bekah was in bed coloring on her doodle, like she often does at bedtime, while we sing songs and read stories. Well I was straightening up, and singing songs with her-when she told me that she wrote her name. I was ready to say good job sweetie, and look at the little swirls that I'm sure she had drawn and about died of shock. There on her doodle-was her name. All by herself. She has never done it, she has tried before-but didn't get much more than an 'E' that was legible. I had to take a picture or 2 of it. When did she get so big? The other picture was of her at the park today-being adorable as usual. I am feeling a little sad that my little baby is all grown up and writing her name-but boy she sure is cute!


Together Again

Well Zachary and Ryeleigh are back-look out Portland! So far, so good-not too many fights, gigantic messes or uncontrollable sobs, (from me, not them)! Maybe having 2 of my own full time, has mellowed me out a bit-because at this time last year, I remember being really stressed out. I keep thinking it's going to start any second, but I am actually feeling pretty good about it all! My kids are sure happy to see them! Christopher thinks Zachary is hysterical because he is dancing all the time, making wierd faces and noises...-so they have a lot in common. Bekah and Ryeleigh haven't stopped playing in their rooms yet. I am feeling to my complete amazement-peaceful. It's good to have them here, all together again.We were just on time to get to see the plane make it's way up to the ramp-the pics of them getting off the plane aren't great, but you can tell they are happy! These next ones are just a couple pics of the before excitement from my kids, (look at my poor little Topher! He has eczema-and allergies-he is covered in little bumps and his eyes are all puffy-We're hating this! Neither one of us have ever had allergies, and are still trying to figure out ways to help him out-suggestions?)


Sweet Things That Make Me {{smile}}

Made some yummy cookies tonight. Have been super busy the last few days, cleaning, organizing, getting ready for Zachary & Ryeleigh to come and of course I carved out some time for making fun stuff.
Tabitha and Trae came by today, we haven't seen Trae since January when he went off to boot camp. I didn't realize how much had happened since then-Christopher wasn't walking when he left-was he ever not walking? I know I always say this-but they grow up too fast!!! Just took a picture of Bekah eating a cookie tonight in her soft little summer jammies. Another thing that just goes too fast-cute jammies! I just put a whole tote away of their jammies that don't fit them anymore-I hate that!

I've become my mother {and I like it!}

So-I know most of us would never want to admit that we are just like our mothers-but I have to say I am the rare exception to the rule. My mom is one of the strongest women I know-she has gone through so much with a smile on her face and gratitude in her heart. She has overcome and succeeded things that would make most people crumble and give up. Not to mention she is one of the most talented people on the planet.

My mother is an artist in everything she does, and I have inherited that trait, in a little different style maybe, but I would definately consider myself an artist. There is nothing I like better than to create something. There is one talent she has that I have always been, I wouldn't say jealous of, but kind of. That woman can cook! I have always been an alright cook, I can follow a recipe-I can put together a meal, but the talent I have always wanted, was to be able to know what spices and things taste good together without help. My mom rocks at that!

Well lately, I have been a little more daring in my cooking-even buying exciting spices (I am really lame-since I have been married, my spice cabinet had little more than salt and pepper). The last couple of months I have put together in my opinion (and my family doesn't seem to disagree) some pretty great things! I feel like I can finally just throw things in and make it work.

Well I still didn't feel quite like I was up to par until tonight! I didn't mention that a lot of the times my mom cooks-she does something totally blonde-setting a dish towel on fire for instance, or melting butter in the microwave when she was just trying to soften it, (she has done this so many times-we have affectionately call it lobster butter)-but we know she does these things because she is such a great cook that she is distracted making the good stuff. Well tonight while I was grilling steaks, making biscuits and mashed potatoes for dinner tonight-and making ginger beef stir fry for tomorrow, I took the lid off the instant potatoes (which obviously wasn't the impressive part of the meal-and you're right Penny-they aren't as good as real, but they are edible) and this is the result-too many burners on! Well after I choked my family with the thick smoke of burning plastic, and got over my anger at myself for being so idiotic, I realized it had finally happened-I have become my mother- and I like it!


LOL Yummy!

This pic just made me all happy inside-he is a hottie! Ha Ha (I hope you all know I'm kidding, just made me giggle)
I hope you have all seen Blades of Glory by now! (Jim is never letting me pick a movie again after that!)


Arrggh! {{Family Pics}}

So this has been a post I have been meaning to get to-just haven't had the chance or energy to go through over 300 photos and pick out my favorites. We got these taken on Easter in Carver at the Baker Cabin. My mom took them, and I think the kids had just had too much chocolate that day, because we could not get them to cooperate, at least not at the same time! The tea party had to have at least 100 pictures, and I couldn't find one that I loved, such a cute idea in their little spring clothes-but it just wasn't happening that day. We did get a few pictures though that I liked, so that's good-these are a few of them.
Hope everyones week is off to a great start-ours is! Lots of opportunities coming up in Chad's new job-and he is just having a great time out there telling people about it. Zach and Ryeleigh get here in just 6 days, and Bekah is ecstatic for their arrival. I am glad that they are coming, but whenever I think about it, I suddenly get very tired...Love to all of you!


This age...

I love the ages my kids are at. They are so funny, so full of energy-and although they are a major pain sometimes, getting into things (Topher) and talking back (Bekah), I am going to miss this. They are just starting to really play together-and I love that. Christopher just started grinning at us in the goofiest way just to make us laugh. Bekah is hysterical in the things she says-I don't know where she gets it-she says words like frustrating that are only funny when a 3 year old says them-soon they will just be normal words. I hope that I can remember all these little things, because they just seem to fly by. This is why I scrapbook I guess!
Chad and I just started our new calling in church today as the nursery leaders. All these little cuties are around my kids' same age-I am glad to be in there for once-I know all the kids and I love them! I love how they just come up and give me hugs, or sit on my lap and ask me to read a story to them, and some of the really affectionate ones will even give me cute little kisses when I least expect it. I am glad to be in there with them, teaching them, cuddling with them and listening to their funny stories about everything, (kids this age tell you literally that!) I guess I just am in a really loving mood right now towards these little toddlers in my life. It makes me want more of my own....not today, but soon....


Me through Art

This was a fun little thing to do-if you get bored.

Not much to report on! Chad started his new job with myo-med and is rocking and rolling with that-if you haven't tried it yet and you have an ounce of pain-you need to! I went to Bunco tonight at my friend Heather's-it was so much fun! I love those girls-all so different and all so fun! I took the kids to Gresham Park today and to Cold Stone-which was super fun-it's amazing the smiles and hugs $1.50 will buy you! A good day, a good night-a great life! Love y'all!


Happy Mothers Day!

To all of you mothers out there-especially you Mom and Mona~Happy Mothers Day! It was a great day spent with my fantastic kids, wonderful husband and terrific mother. Just a little pic of some of todays spoils either for me from my kids or from me and the kids to my mothers. Hope everyone had a great day and got spoiled rotten!


Mothers Day Peek-a-boo

Just taking some mothers day pictures this morning for the grandmas annual card-here are a couple shots of the kids by themselves that didn't make the cut-but I thought they were still cute.
We went to the zoo yesterday with a bunch of friends, but, and you will be shocked to hear, I left my camera in the car! The kids had a great time, we had to skip out a little early because Topher was very ready for a nap!
One more little tidbit-Chad's last day at Target is tomorrow, he starts full time for Myo-Med on Monday. He is really excited about it. He already has a couple practices in the area using the product and they are loving it. He also signed up the school, (Western State Chiropractic College) to start receiving the product thanks to some help from some of our friends in our ward-(Thank you, Jason and Joel for all your efforts!) So all you students need to go on over to the bookstore and pick you up a tube! Also tell your friends to too-if the students start using it and like it, it will go to the clinic! You will LOVE it! Since I got in my accident, it's all my mom and I have used! We haven't needed any pain killers thanks to the anti-inflammatory in the cream!
For those of you who have asked and wondering about my moms car-they totalled it out and are paying it off. She found a new one in Tacoma that is exactly the same with some added features-heated seats, a navigation system and less miles-so it is all working out-thanks for all your concern! Love you all!


Delicious Summer Day

It is so nice today! Just poppin in with a fun picture of my kids eating a popcicle after a long hot walk-I am back off to enjoy the weather-a BBQ sounds yummy...


My poor little hobo fisher-gal

Chad took Bekah and my brother Tyler fishing Saturday morning. They went to Timothy Lake bright and early and fished for about 4 hours, had no luck-but had a lot of fun. Of course since I wasn't around...this is what my little princess looked like, a poor wandering soul in the wilderness.Bekah would go on little walks and when Chad would ask where she was going she would say, "Dad, I'll be over by the porcupine log", so Chad had to get a picture of her on her porcupine log.Looks like fun....(not too much fun though-they got up at 5:30! No thanks!)

Being in Backyard Bliss

I love sunny days playing in my backyard with my kids. I had a bunch of stuff to do on Friday, but instead I just went outside and enjoyed their giggles, the smell of fresh cut grass and the warm sun. The kids loved having me out there, pushing them on the swing and catching them on the slide...these moments go by much too fast!




OUCH! Last night at about 9, my mom and I were in her Jag headed to Starbucks for a muffin and CRASH! Someone hit into us while we were stopped at a light. We didn't see it coming which was probably a good thing-but ohhhhh we are both so sore! Backs, necks, arms, heads, shoulders (knees & toes hee hee) are aching today! The very most sad part though is my moms dream car was very badly damaged. they had to pry our doors open, the whole back end is crushed, luckily it was a Jag-because it held it's shape pretty well-we didn't get hurt as bad as we could have. Be thankful for that! Well just wanted to let you know, so that if you see us all hunched over with tears in our eyes...That's why! I will post pictures of the damage when I get them off Jim's camera.


It's May!

Just a Big smile, to make your day a little bit brighter.