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I've become my mother {and I like it!}

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Making the World Cuter: I've become my mother {and I like it!}

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


I've become my mother {and I like it!}

So-I know most of us would never want to admit that we are just like our mothers-but I have to say I am the rare exception to the rule. My mom is one of the strongest women I know-she has gone through so much with a smile on her face and gratitude in her heart. She has overcome and succeeded things that would make most people crumble and give up. Not to mention she is one of the most talented people on the planet.

My mother is an artist in everything she does, and I have inherited that trait, in a little different style maybe, but I would definately consider myself an artist. There is nothing I like better than to create something. There is one talent she has that I have always been, I wouldn't say jealous of, but kind of. That woman can cook! I have always been an alright cook, I can follow a recipe-I can put together a meal, but the talent I have always wanted, was to be able to know what spices and things taste good together without help. My mom rocks at that!

Well lately, I have been a little more daring in my cooking-even buying exciting spices (I am really lame-since I have been married, my spice cabinet had little more than salt and pepper). The last couple of months I have put together in my opinion (and my family doesn't seem to disagree) some pretty great things! I feel like I can finally just throw things in and make it work.

Well I still didn't feel quite like I was up to par until tonight! I didn't mention that a lot of the times my mom cooks-she does something totally blonde-setting a dish towel on fire for instance, or melting butter in the microwave when she was just trying to soften it, (she has done this so many times-we have affectionately call it lobster butter)-but we know she does these things because she is such a great cook that she is distracted making the good stuff. Well tonight while I was grilling steaks, making biscuits and mashed potatoes for dinner tonight-and making ginger beef stir fry for tomorrow, I took the lid off the instant potatoes (which obviously wasn't the impressive part of the meal-and you're right Penny-they aren't as good as real, but they are edible) and this is the result-too many burners on! Well after I choked my family with the thick smoke of burning plastic, and got over my anger at myself for being so idiotic, I realized it had finally happened-I have become my mother- and I like it!


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