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Making the World Cuter: December 2003

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


Candy Bar Cake Tutorial for Good and Crazy

You ready for this?
Getting ready for your sweet tooth to start aching!
First you will need to gather your supplies.
First of all-a bunch of candy-you can do just one or two kinds of the recipients favorite kinds, or you can do what we did this year and just do a hodge podge of goodness.
Next you will need a glue gun.
Finally you will need something to hold the cake together.
This is what I came up with-Nesting tins. It doesn't matter what is on them, they will be covered up, I like to do a 3 layer cake, but you could easily just do one big layer or you could just do a small one and have it be a "cupcake"!
The nice thing about the tins-besides the sturdiness of the shape, is that you can easily fill the tins with little presents, more candy or whatever your heart desires! I would do this before you start assembling your cake, it will just be easier.

The first thing you do after you gather your supplies is measure the tins with the candy bars and make sure they cover the perimeter of the tin , either by themselves or by stacking.Using just a little bit of hot glue for each, start gluing the candy bars to the tins.
Do all the outsides first...
Then just start filling in the holes and all around the tops of the lids, I usually leave the top tin empty and then fill it with some of the leftover candy.
I then put the whole cake on a platter and scatter some more candy around (yup it's a lot of candy!).
Then step back and admire your cake.
Because I can guarantee that once you bring one of these to a party, they won't last long!
If you make one of these, I would love to see it, send me a link to it!

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Beanbag Chair Tutorial-For Craft Rookie Friendly Friday

HI! Welcome to the Beanbag Chair Tutorial!
First what you will need to do is purchase your fabric, and bean bag filling.
Our local Fred Meyers sold filling, but if you don't have a Fred Meyers, then check your local sewing store, or online. You could also use batting, or packing peanuts if you have some of that more accessible.
We decided to go with fleece for our fabric, because it's warm and cozy, and because it had a dinosaur print, which is what my 5 year old wanted to make it out of for her brother.
We bought 2 different fleece prints, and got 3/4 yard of each, I think next time we will go with a full yard of each to make a bigger bag, but this made a decent kid sized one and will fit my 3 year old nicely.

On this step you want to make sure your straight edge of your pattern lines up with the folded sides of the fabric, not the open sides.
Then do that for all the panels. Don't throw away the leftover scraps, until you cut out 2 circles that will seal up the top and bottom. We did 6 panels in all, and 2 circles.
Next you want to take two panels, if you went with two different prints, choose one of each, then put them RIGHT sides in.Then you are just going to sew each set of 2 panels together first. My 5 year old did this, and as it is fleece and a tighter zig zag stitch, it was very forgiving of the crooked sewing.
After you have all your sets of 2 panels sewed together, you just want to connect them all by doing the same thing thing-don't forget to keep putting right sides together, until you have a ball.
The top and bottom of the ball where all the ends meet might be a little off, which is fine, because you now will use the circles to finish off the top and bottom.
I don't have a picture of us doing the final steps, but basically all you do is take your circle for one side and hand sew it on. It was easiest for me to pin the circle to the fabric and then sew-folding in any fabric that needed it.
Then take your beanbag filling and using a funnel or something like it, fill that bag up.
Then take your other circle and hand sew it on to the top.
And then you're done!
Cozy and soft, and my 3 year old is going to absolutely love it!
Especially since his sister made it for him!
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, and have fun with your new beanbag chair!

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My name is Tiffany, my present friends call me Tiff, my childhood friends call me Snifty, my high school friends call me something that is not appropriate for a family we won't touch that one, if you were there, you know what I'm talking mom calls me Fanny Flag, my kids call me Mom and my husband calls me Gorgeous. I love that man.

I can't believe I'm 30.
I am married to one ridiculously hot McDreamy lookalike.
I am the lucky mom to four seriously cute kids.
I love sandwiches, strawberry soda and chocolate chip cookies.
I am an organizational freak.
I like to get rid of things.
I like to paint things black, white and shades of gray.
I love girls nights, but love stay at home nights with the family even more.
I home school my kids.
I like to bake, and cook.
I like to build, makeover furniture and rearrange it.
I am on a mission to make the world cuter.

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