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Candy Bar Cake Tutorial for Good and Crazy

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Making the World Cuter: Candy Bar Cake Tutorial for Good and Crazy

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


Candy Bar Cake Tutorial for Good and Crazy

You ready for this?
Getting ready for your sweet tooth to start aching!
First you will need to gather your supplies.
First of all-a bunch of candy-you can do just one or two kinds of the recipients favorite kinds, or you can do what we did this year and just do a hodge podge of goodness.
Next you will need a glue gun.
Finally you will need something to hold the cake together.
This is what I came up with-Nesting tins. It doesn't matter what is on them, they will be covered up, I like to do a 3 layer cake, but you could easily just do one big layer or you could just do a small one and have it be a "cupcake"!
The nice thing about the tins-besides the sturdiness of the shape, is that you can easily fill the tins with little presents, more candy or whatever your heart desires! I would do this before you start assembling your cake, it will just be easier.

The first thing you do after you gather your supplies is measure the tins with the candy bars and make sure they cover the perimeter of the tin , either by themselves or by stacking.Using just a little bit of hot glue for each, start gluing the candy bars to the tins.
Do all the outsides first...
Then just start filling in the holes and all around the tops of the lids, I usually leave the top tin empty and then fill it with some of the leftover candy.
I then put the whole cake on a platter and scatter some more candy around (yup it's a lot of candy!).
Then step back and admire your cake.
Because I can guarantee that once you bring one of these to a party, they won't last long!
If you make one of these, I would love to see it, send me a link to it!

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Blogger Bird said...


It is soo simple to make and looks sooo impressive! I bet it tastes yummy too :)

It would look great an a child birthday party table, huh?

Just popped over to let you know that I have done the puzzle blocks! I have added a few of my own spices ;) (hope its ok). I posted a tut on my blog with a link and reference to yours! Let me know what you think?

Thanks again for sharing...


Sat Dec 19, 05:12:00 AM


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