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Making the World Cuter: July 2011

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


Making the World Cuter Monday

It's that time again!
Show me the cute stuff...whatever is making your world cuter...
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Look around and find some stuff you think is cute
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This was the most liked link from last adorable pea pod necklace from Heidi's Hubbub!
She has a full tutorial on her site...these would make great Christmas presents, birthday presents, mothers day presents, happy day to me presents... Great job Heidi!
Okay now let's see what you've got! :)

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How to Make Kid's Wallets...out of a Dollar Store place mat!

I found these super fun bright colored place mats at the Dollar Store and knew I had to make something with them since I wasn't really in need of new actual place mats.My kids have been in need of wallets, (for their spending money and library cards) and I thought these would be the perfect material for them. I was right!

First I used a dollar bill as my guide to see how big I would need it. I miscalculated on this pink one so I will give you the exact measurements so you can make one super speedy.
If you cut 8 inches, by 8 inches this will give you a perfect size wallet. :)

Next you will want to cut a couple of other pieces, one for your change pocket and another for your card holder (if you want more than one card holder just cut a couple more of the card sized ones in stacking heights). I used my Costco card as a guide.
Can you see why you should use exact measurements instead of being all free style like me? The measurements you should use are 4in x 4in for the change pocket and 4in x 2in for the card pocket-otherwise you have space around them and that doesn't make for the easiest sewing-and we all like it to be easy right?Use the finished edge as the opening to both pockets for ease of use.
I pinned this one up to show you, but on the others I made I just sewed them directly to the fabric and it went SOOOOO much quicker.
I also added a ribbon trim around the rough edges. This step I would suggest doing, unless you want a really frayed edge that you have to trim for a few days until it stops. I put a ribbon under the pockets of the boys wallets, but not around the outer edges and I had to trim them for about 3 days before they got to be okay. Next on one side about an inch in (this is on the side of the wallet opposite the pockets) hand sew on a button. Easy Peasy.
On the other side (opposite the button) either sew a hair elastic on, or just wait until you sew the whole thing together like I did. I just pinned it here to show you how it goes in the inside.
Be way too lazy to go and find an empty bobbin to put matching thread in and sew with black and green thread so that everyone can see how ugly your stitches are. Wow. Laziness was taking on a new meaning this night! Oh well, now you can see that all I did was sew the pockets on first, then the ribbon trim....
...folded the wrong sides together and sewed up the sides, leaving the top open for the money!See the handiness of the change pocket...and the fantasticness (my word) of the card holder?Then see how it easily closes with the elastic and button closure? Now see how the bottom side is shorter than the top side?
Handy Manny always says, to "measure twice and cut once," and I think that crazy kid is on to something! ;)
Then make two more for your boys without ribbon because your husband says it's way too girly and then cuss him out under your breath when they both have 12 inch threads hanging all over them both night and day for 3 days straight! Trim them up nice for a picture and try not to focus on the salsa stains on your three year old's new favorite thing ever!
Seriously these were really easy after I got the measurements figured out, they only took me about 15 minutes a piece for the last two and my kids have carried them around all week, especially my little 3 year old. They all feel pretty cool having a place to keep all their spending money and their own library card.
You could decorate them up cuter, but I like them simple and bright too.

How do they get spending money? I will share next week what we do in our family that has worked out really well for over a year now! :)

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Dream a little (crazy) dream...

Do you ever have weird dreams?
I do.
All. The. Time.
When I'm pregnant they are REALLY messed up...but last night was a doozy too.
I thought I'd share.
This will be over-sharing.
What can I say...sharing means caring...and I care.
A lot.

This dream starred the following people...
Not the whole group, just the ones my arrows are pointing to.
Except for my pesky brother-in-law Tim.
He was not in my dream, he is just there in the photo.
I just wanted to point out that Ree is not the only one with a pesky brother in law Tim.
And I bet mine is even peskier!
No really. He is.

I also wanted to point out my super cool "peace" belt, that I no longer have...I am sad about that.


Ok, so on to my dream.
It started out with Sara, Melissa and I sitting in lounge chairs outside of our old high school. Okay, so that is weird anyway, right? I haven't been in high school for over 10 years, and I NEVER sat outside it on a lounge chair.

Side note-I was wearing this really awesomely cute dress made out of white ruffle kind of looked like a flapper dress...I want to make it someday, because it was seriously cute.

Well we were sitting there in our lounge chairs, me in a cute dress and this guy that went to our high school came up and asked me to dance.

Side note-This guy, let's call him Berek, since that is not at all like his real name ;), went to our school, hung out in our same circle of friends and stuff...but none of my friends ever dated him or even crushed on him that I can remember...and it's not that he wasn't cute...he just dated other girls outside of the before mentioned circle I guess. He just wasn't a big part of my life, didn't leave a real lasting impression on me or anything.
I guess we are Facebook friends now that I look into it. But that's about as deep as our friendship really is.

In my dream, I really wanted to dance in my cute dress-but I didn't want to high school dance-I wanted to Tango. So we tangoed. It was funny. Even in my dream, we were just being silly.
But we weren't half bad.

Side note-In real life-I dance like Elaine on Seinfeld

After we danced our awesome tango, I realized he had metal stitches and tape on his face and kind of looked like this guy, but only on one side of his face.
I asked him why, and he said he just got dental work done.
Oh, well that makes sense then.

Oh yes, this pretty lady here, Suzanne, also made a cameo in my dream.
She came over to me after our dance and said "I am glad I decided not to be a judge on So You Think You Can Dance, because I would have had to kick you off after that number."
Rude huh?
She really isn't rude at all, she actually is a lovely person.

Side note-Although she is an accomplished musician, pianist and much as she might want to...I really don't think they would ask her to be a judge on that show. Sorry Z, just saying.

While I was trying to plead my case to her that we were just being silly, and that if she saw Chad and I dance for real, she would change her mind...
Sara, the one with the long red hair with my pesky brother in law Tim up there, stormed up to me and started biting my head off.
Not really.
That would have been REALLY weird!

She was yelling though at me about dancing with 'Berek', and that I knew that she liked him, and that I was the worst friend in the whole wide world.
I felt really bad.
Because suddenly in my dream I knew that she did like Berek.
I tried to say sorry, and that I had forgotten.
Then she said, "Well we kissed after 7th period last week."
And I said, "I know."
And then she turned to Melissa and yelled at her, "YOU TOLD HER!"
Then they started fighting.

So I walked over to the punch bowl and had some punch.

Then I heard my 3 year old telling me he had to go potty.

That wasn't part of the dream, but that is what got me out of that place.

How about you...anyone had any really weird dreams lately? Anyone want to take a shot at analyzing that one? I would love to hear your take on it! :)

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New Winner!

My winner from the Trunki Giveaway from Gummy Lump never contacted me...SAD!

But happy for #9 Heather Robinson,
the new winner I drew this morning who said "I liked them on Facebook and told them how cute the little Trunkis are (and that my two year old daughter would love one!)"

Heather contact me in the next 72 hours and the prize package is yours! :)

Check out these cute sites to make your world cuter!
Save up to 50% off Mother's Day Gift Guide! Homepage 2 Dresses from Shabby Apple GlassesUSA 70% off retail prices