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Making the World Cuter: August 2011

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


Moving on UP!

Because I obviously have SO much time on my hands that doesn't need to be spent editing pictures or doing schoolwork, I am moving my blog this weekend...if it all works out that is-I should be all back and ready to go on Monday. Cross your fingers!

It's going to be messy this weekend!

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Last day to enter! Win some adorable new school clothes from Tea Collection

Have you entered the giveaway yet for the $50 gift card from Tea Collection? If need to hurry, it ends today! Go HERE to enter!
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Talk to me...

My husband and I; Fall 2009

So I have been stewing.
My husband and I have an awesome relationship.
We rarely argue...and when we do, it's only for a minute or two.
We have never been a really BIG fight.
We've both been irritated with one another of that I am sure, but we get over it quickly.

That said I have been stewing.
For months.
About laundry.

See the thing is, my husband is a huge help around the house...even though he is rarely home these days, he still helps out more than can be expected.
The laundry is just a small part of what he does.
He washes and dries a load of laundry every night before bed and brings it up in the morning before he leaves to work.
I then sort it out for the kids, and fold ours...and usually put them away.
There are days when this gets done before he gets home, and there are days it doesn't.

On the days it doesn't...he comes home and I can be completely swamped with something, and he puts his clothes away and leaves mine.

I always think "what the heck?" and then stew over it while I put my clothes away after I finish whatever I'm working on.

It's been REALLY bugging me.

Finally last night, I was done.

I confronted him.
"Why do you just put your stuff away, and never mine?"

I was expecting him to come back with, "I don't want to mess up your system" or some other lame excuse, but instead he surprised me.

He said, "I'm sorry. I felt bad you have to put my stuff away every day, so I just grab mine trying to help you. I didn't realize I was coming off as mean, I was just trying to make it easier for you."

All this time I think he's being mean-and he thinks he's doing me a favor, which technically he is. It's been our understanding that he washes and dries and I fold and put away.
It's worked for us.
Well I felt dumb.

I have been bugged for months and all I had to do was have a 30 second conversation with him.

Have you ever done that? Stewed over something and then realized it was all you? What do you need to have a 30 second conversation about?

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Making the World Cuter Monday

So....We learned from last week that I CANNOT require you to link back to me.
Too much of a headache to try and figure out all the problems.
I guess all I can do is say please link back, it's the nice thing to do. :)

A couple things before we get on to the cute sharing.
  • I am having a fantastic giveaway for a $50 gift card to Tea Collection, so you can purchase some quality, cute back to school clothes for your kids like this cute dress.
    Go HERE to enter that.
  • If you don't win that don't fret, I have lots more fun giveaways coming up like one from The Children's Wear Outlet, UPrinting....
  • ... and one from Bouchi Designs for a pair of adorable Bouchi's to cuten up your heels.
Check out their Facebook page so you can start picking out your favorites! (This is my childhood friend's new business and I think it is so dang cute and original-I really want to show her some love-so go over and say hi and tell her how cute these are!)
Now for your favorites from last week...

The most clicked on link was this 9B's printable from Key Lime Digital Designs.

And the most liked link was this fabric organization and folding system from Sunla Designs-great idea!
So now let's see what you've been up to this week, you don't HAVE to link back, but it is appreciated.
Also it's really fun to be featured as a favorite, so take a few minutes look around and click on the thumbs up under the projects you like!
Head on over to THESE other fun parties while you're out and about!

Now let's see the cute...

Let's be friends!
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Back to School Clothes Review & Giveaway {Tea Collection}

Are you still shopping for great back to school clothes?
Tea Collection makes beautiful Designer Children's Clothing as most of you well know. Their new fall line is so stinking cute and is inspired by the vibrant bustling markets of Mexico. They are all about Making the World Cuter!
I was able to review some of their Boy's Clothing for my little guys. In the picture above my little Kindergartner is wearing a Happy Hoodie and this great cactus colored tee. The fabrics are of the highest quality which is important to me...especially when buying clothes for my boys that I want to pass down to my younger ones. Below my three year old...and want to be pre-schooler is wearing a long sleeve Purity Tee and the Hombres Stripe henley. So dang cute!
Then my littlest, who isn't going back to school, but still needs cute fall clothing is wearing a Cinco Senses Hoodie, and it is so snuggly and soft I want him to wear one everyday. My little girl was lucky enough to get to try two of the new dresses from the new arrivals in Girl's Clothing and I can't even describe their cuteness in real life, I hope the pictures do them justice!
I love when a company has a vision, and Tea does. They want to bring the fusion of worldwide cultures & modern design to fashion and they do a beautiful job of it.

They have great customer service and a fun Facebook community & Twitter page that you should go like and join in, say hi, tell them I sent you...brownie points from me! :)

(And you want brownie points from me, I make STELLAR brownies, not to brag or anything...but you should definitely start storing up those brownie points!)

If you are looking to purchase some of these or other pieces from their beautiful collections, if you sign up for their email updates you'll get a coupon for 10% off your first order! :) Find the sign up in the bottom right corner of their site.

They also have beautiful catalogs-is anyone else a catalog junkie like me? I love beautiful catalogs full of pretty pictures of cute clothing.

Would you like to win some Tea Collection?

You would?

Well the beautiful people from Tea would like to give some away!!!

The giveaway: One winner will receive a $50 gift card to spend at

To enter, do one or more of the following. Each comment is a chance to win!

  • Leave me a comment letting me know if you've ever been to Mexico, and say something in Spanish...even if the extent of your knowledge of Spanish comes from Dora, that's okay!

  • Go to Tea and let me know what one item is numero uno on your wish list.

  • Go to their Facebook Page and let me know how many people like can like them too if you want and say hi if you want...but it is not a requirement just a nicety.

  • Tweet about this giveaway with a link back to this post and leave me your twitter handle so I can check it! :)

Disclosure: I was given clothing to review for this post, all opinions are 100% my own. I truly love this company, what they represent, and their adorable clothes are top notch. I was not compensated in any other way. Winner will be chosen from eligible comments via Winner will be announced on this blog on Friday August 26th and will have 3 days to claim their prize before a new winner will be drawn.

Let's be friends!
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Where are YOU Making the World Cuter?

So I've been curious for awhile now...where in the world are all of you cute makers? I know a lot of you don't leave comments (ahem) very often-but it's time to stop lurking and make yourself known!
Image from the ADORABLE etsy shop Sally Loves Wyatt-purchase this print HERE.

I'll start us off...I am Making the World Cuter in Oregon, USA...

Let's be friends!
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Back to School Cuteness

(Christopher's Pre-School pictures 2009)

I am a sucker for cute back to school crafts and cuteness even though I homeschool my kids.
I always take my kids back to school pictures and they usually turn out to be my favorites of the year. These are a couple from last year...
I like them so much better than the traditional school photo with the bad laser back drop.

I just went out with them last night for our annual tradition and haven't had a chance to dive into them yet...but bet your bottom dollar that I will be sharing some new pics of them getting ready for the upcoming school year soon!

Even though my kids don't have traditional school teachers per say, they still have other mentors besides myself that I love to give little appreciation gifts to, such as dance, piano, sports and other teachers and coaches.

My sweet friend Leelou (who just had a sweet new baby girl I am hoping I get to peek at this weekend in between all the craziness!) has this adorable free printable up on her blog today that would be such a fun little thing to send with your child on the first day of school with a little goodie inside letting your teacher know how much you appreciate them.
She also has some details on a way to win $500 of school supplies for your school...head over and thank her for making the world cuter...because she does...and funnier too. :)

Let's be friends!
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