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My husband and I; Fall 2009

So I have been stewing.
My husband and I have an awesome relationship.
We rarely argue...and when we do, it's only for a minute or two.
We have never been a really BIG fight.
We've both been irritated with one another of that I am sure, but we get over it quickly.

That said I have been stewing.
For months.
About laundry.

See the thing is, my husband is a huge help around the house...even though he is rarely home these days, he still helps out more than can be expected.
The laundry is just a small part of what he does.
He washes and dries a load of laundry every night before bed and brings it up in the morning before he leaves to work.
I then sort it out for the kids, and fold ours...and usually put them away.
There are days when this gets done before he gets home, and there are days it doesn't.

On the days it doesn't...he comes home and I can be completely swamped with something, and he puts his clothes away and leaves mine.

I always think "what the heck?" and then stew over it while I put my clothes away after I finish whatever I'm working on.

It's been REALLY bugging me.

Finally last night, I was done.

I confronted him.
"Why do you just put your stuff away, and never mine?"

I was expecting him to come back with, "I don't want to mess up your system" or some other lame excuse, but instead he surprised me.

He said, "I'm sorry. I felt bad you have to put my stuff away every day, so I just grab mine trying to help you. I didn't realize I was coming off as mean, I was just trying to make it easier for you."

All this time I think he's being mean-and he thinks he's doing me a favor, which technically he is. It's been our understanding that he washes and dries and I fold and put away.
It's worked for us.
Well I felt dumb.

I have been bugged for months and all I had to do was have a 30 second conversation with him.

Have you ever done that? Stewed over something and then realized it was all you? What do you need to have a 30 second conversation about?

Let's be friends!
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