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Making the World Cuter: March 2007

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


Well we wanted 4 doors anyway!

Wow! What a way to end our trip! We were on our way home, just 4 hours away and it happened. Our wonderful little van who has been so good to us, chugged and then died-quite suddenly. We were stranded. We were able to pull off the road in time, but we just happened to be in the thick of the forest and had no cell phone service. It was getting dark quick and we didn't know what would happen. Cars were flying by and no one was stopping. We said a prayer that we would be helped by someone that we could trust. It's a scary thing being stranded on the side of the road with kids! We waited and waited for a very long time. We took turns standing outside waving, though it was cold, hoping that someone would stop. Finally after about a half hour of doing this, a van stopped. They offered help-the man had a little bit of service on his phone-Chad was able to call my mom and Jim, and they were able to get a tow truck out to us. The nice couple had a 12 year old daughter with them and offered to let us sit in the car with the kids to keep warm until the tow truck got there. (Our van had no heat, since it wouldn't start). We got to talking and come to find out they were coming back from a temple wedding in Idaho! What are the odds? They were members of the church, and were the nicest people we could have hoped for. When the tow truck finally came, it was supposed to have room for all of us. I am so glad that the family stayed with us and waited! The tow truck was a single cab! What would we have done? The family gave us a ride back into La Grande to a hotel. No one can tell us that our prayer wasn't answered. The next morning, Chad looked at the van and found that the motor was locked up-we needed a new car. We decided since we were near some dealerships we would look around. We found a great van in our price range and bought it there. It has everything we needed and wanted, so we drove it home. We haven't had a car payment in years, but luckily we are in a position now that we can handle it. I am so grateful for answered prayers!

Zachary gets Baptized!

The day so many of us have prayed and fasted for came at last! Zachary was baptized on March 24th by his dad and confirmed by his Grandpa Egbert.
It was a wonderful day. Ryeleigh gave the opening prayer, which was so sweet. Stefanie gave a great talk on baptism and Scott gave a heartfelt testimony on the Holy Ghost. Mandy's (Zachary and Ryeleigh's mom) boyfriend Eric gave the closing prayer. It was such a great day!
Eric's parents own this really cool place called Noahs off the Pleasant Grove exit, that had everything-basketball court, raquetball, conference rooms-lots and lots! Any of you who live in the area and are planning anything-you should look into it. We had a great after party there and we were able to visit with everyone.
We are so proud of Zachary and the decisions that he is making. He is a great kid, that is quickly growing into a great young man.

Good News at the Bowling Alley

My mom, Tabitha, Toshya, Craig, Tyler & our family friend Mike went bowling after the long day of painting. Bekah and I decided to go along, since Bekah had never been before. Bekah had an absolute 'ball'. She learned to do it on her own with a ramp-and she scored a 92! She did great! She's a natural! While we were there Trae finally called Tabitha with his school orders. We were all waiting on this news for so long, all praying and hoping that it would be Whidbey Island. (It's only a few hours from us, right near Portland). When he told her that he was going to Whidbey Island after all-she just broke down. The weight just lifted off her, you could see it. My mom and I joined in the crying-we are all so relieved. The Secret works, ask, have faith and you shall receive!

Extreme Room Makeover

While we were in town, my mom and Tabitha came in from Chicago where they had been to Trae's graduation from Boot Camp. We surprised Toshya, she didn't know any of us were coming. We decorated her new baby's room so cute that I have considered going into interior designing. Chad & I saw a couple of ideas over the weekend and I made them my own and designed a room that Ty Pennington would be proud of. We all worked super hard, and the work paid off! Toshya and Craig were both super excited that they didn't have to do the work and that it turned out so cute. Tiffany's Interiors is now open for business! (I will get pictures of the completed room up soon-I just need to get them off my moms camera!)

Ahhh the Food!

While we were in town we had to go to all of our old favorite food places that we miss so much. Monday night we went to Pizza Factory with Scott and Suzanna for the best alfredo sauce on the planet and the twisty breadsticks on a stick. On Tuesday, I went to two of my favorite places, Cabo Grill for the smothered burrito with cream sauce and Bamboo Hut for the yummy terriyaki chicken, noodles and crab wontons. On Wednesday we went to Appollo Burger, which we have yet to find a burger in Oregon that even starts to compare to theirs. On Friday afternoon we went to lunch with my Uncle Randy, Aunt Paula, Uncle Russel, Aunt Jane, cousins Brandon and Jackie and her kids at Ottavios. Yummy Italian food, the bread there is delicious! Then on Friday night was probably my favorite-we went to the Country Club with most of Chad's brothers and sisters and mom for dinner. I had this ginger steak salad which was to die for. My sister-in-law Tiffany loved it so much she wanted to swim in the dressing. Chad had a New York Strip that just melted in your mouth and we shared a molten chocolate cake that still makes me sigh! I ended the trip stopping at my favorite sandwich place on the planet, Gandolfo's for the Empire State sandwich-chicken, turkey, cream cheese, tomatoes and lettuce- ahhhhhh! I'm a big foodie and I am not a calorie watcher-my diet consists of any and all carbs covered in cream sauce! Yummmmm! This is a picture of Topher playing with his favorite toy, (my phone) at a restaraunt. He knows that it goes in the general vicinity of his head-so this is how he talks on the phone-how cute is that?

All Pimped Out

On Monday while we were there we took Zachary to Burlington to pick out a whole new suit for his baptism. He had a lot of fun trying on the different coats, and we all had a good laugh at his selections. He settled on a very nice tan suit, white shirt, suspenders, shoes, socks and a tie. The other kids had fun too. Bekah was so excited to see her big sister, they sat the whole time in the book aisle reading books and giggling. It was good to see them while we were there-we picked them up everyday after school and had a lot of fun playing with them.

Jackson Hole

Our first stop on this eventful week was Idaho Falls, where we stayed in a really classy hotel-you know the kind-it had a bottle opener on the sink in the bathroom, and a chunk of wood nailed into the floor as a door stop. It was fine since we got in super late and left as soon as we were up. We stopped in Jackson Hole and met our great friends Darnell and Amy Simpson and their fun kids Kymora and Boaz. We did a little shopping and got some fun pictures of the kids before the Simpsons got there. We went to a fun swimming pool there and splashed around for awhile. It had a couple of water slides, a climbing wall and a water fall. Bekah and Topher for some reason developed a fear of water while we were there, and it wasn't long before they were both ready to leave. We had a lot of fun though. Then we all went back to the Simpson's to their new home, which is darling and had a yummy dinner of Beef Taquito's made fresh by chef Amy. My brother came along for the ride to Utah and brought his new Wii system and we all had fun playing all the sports games. We left pretty late and didn't get into Utah until about 2am. Thanks Amy and Darnell for the fun and the hospitality-we miss you tons!


Christopher's One Year Photo

This is Christopher's One Year Photo-There were some cuter poses-but he was half in the frame, because he was usually walking off the backdrop. This one he was in the middle of standing up, and she just happened to get it before he was off-I like it-it shows where he's at right now-He's up and out a here!


Christopher's Birthday Cake Experience

This is a little Before, During and After of Topher's first birthday cake experience. Roll your mouse over the pictures for captions...

Shared Birthday Photo

This is a picture of our friend Diana and my little Topher on their birthday.
Last year at this time, I wasn't very happy with this woman! Christopher was due on March 2nd-and I was bound and determined to have him in February. Diana kept telling me that I was going to have him on her birthday which was the 7th of March-I told her that under no circumstance would that kid still be in me by that time. Well the morning I went into labor, I was getting my things together to go to the hospital when it hit me! She was right! My mom called her as soon as she found out and Diana was so excited. For the first few months of his life she was calling my son Christopher Diana. Luckily the name didn't stick, but they do share a birthday-so Happy Birthday to both of you!

Spoiled but Worth it!

Christopher got spoiled rotten for his birthday, but he loved every minute of it, and to see that big grin was so worth it! We had a party for him at my moms house and it was really fun. We had all of our little Clackamas Clique there and they all spoiled him too! We had a spaghetti dinner first and then he got to open his presents. He got a ball popper and little ATV/bike from Chad & I, a giraffe ball toy and clothes from Grandma Julie, a fun little musical toy from Aunt Tabitha, a shape sorter from Bill and Diana, a cute new outfit from the Carters and a big bag of soft blocks from the Yorks. A lot of presents for a little one year old!

What a fun day!


Christopher wakes up to being one!

Just some pics of my big one year old in his bed today, (sob!). I cannot believe a year has past so quickly! He looks really tired...Of course he did just wake up when these pictures were taken.

Nice hair dude.


A Boat Load of Fun!

Another mommy and kids playdate! Today we went to the zoo, which was so much fun! It was a gorgeous day! We went with the Youngs, Johnstons, Perkes and Goodmans.
A little boat in the Amazon exhibit with almost all the kids in it.... Trying to keep all the kids in the boat and looking at the camera....
Cute little bottoms, looking at the Polar Bears
Bekah and her friend Taylor Young riding some wooden horses

We got there a little early, and saw the seals, polar bears, the wart hogs, the goats, the monkeys and the rain forest exhibit. Then the friends came and we saw the seals, polar bears, wart hogs, the goats, the monkeys and the rain forest exhibit! The kids didn't seem to mind seeing the same exhibits again so it all worked out. We love having these playdates and look forward to lots more, now that it is warming up!