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Making the World Cuter: Toot Toot Tuesday-Quiet Book Pages

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Toot Toot Tuesday-Quiet Book Pages

Just a reminder...yesterdays linky party, and giveaway is still up until tonight due to my mistake in the way I posted it, so be sure to link up!....

You may remember that I made my kids quiet books for Christmas last year. I never did finish up Porters all the way, I got the first couple of pages done, but then life got busy, I got pregnant, and the book was forgotten.
Well I finally finished his this last week, and all 3 of the kids are having fun playing with it.
To see how I made the books you can go to the tutorial HERE. You may need to click on the pictures to read the instructions, since they are quite large.

Here are the pages for this book...
A simple pocket to hold the x's and o's and a simple grid on the first page. Easy Peasy.
This is a fun page for the kids, it has shapes, colors, matching and buttoning. All sorts of ways to learn. For the youngest, just matching them is fun. For the oldest, we can stick the pieces in one of the pockets in the book, and then they can search by feeling for each of the shapes.
Make a Face.
This has got to be the kids' favorite page. Just a blank canvas and 3 pockets full of a lot of little pieces to hold all sorts of possibilities. One pocket has eyes and eyebrows, one has mouths and noses and the biggest has hair and mustaches. This is one I can add to, any time I get the urge.
My sons favorite face is this one, because it reminds him of his favorite man besides his daddy... a little Italian who likes to hang out with his brother and toadstools...and is forever trying to get that Peach...any guesses to who my 4 year old talks about non-stop?
The last page is also a favorite...The Fisherman.
The fish all tuck into the water, the fishing pole has its own spot and the man buttons on.

Then of course you can take the man off, give him his pole and let him go fishing. The pole is made from a little twig, a piece of a paper clip, a cut of thread and some floral tape to keep it all on. The fish just have a little hole punched from my crop-o-dile, so that they can be caught.
These are some of my kids favorite toys still, so all the hard work really paid off.
Now I need to start figuring out what to do for this Christmas!

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Blogger Stephanie Rose said...

LOVE THIS!! I have been trying to come up with something for both my 4-year-old and my 11-month-old. Great inspiration!

Tue Aug 17, 03:33:00 AM

Blogger AmieAnn said...

Oh My Gosh! These are too adorable for words.. and I am sure that they keep your kids busy for hours. Great idea!
Amie @ pinkapotamus

Tue Aug 17, 03:57:00 AM

Blogger Meg said...

Oh, I love it! The potholders are a great idea! I used placemats and they worked pretty good, too!
GREAT job!

Tue Aug 17, 06:42:00 AM

Blogger More Than "Just Mom" said...

i LOVE this!

Tue Aug 17, 06:52:00 AM

Blogger Michele said...

tiff your book is delightful! literally. it is filled with little delights on every page! what child would not cherish this toy? none.

Tue Aug 17, 05:49:00 PM

Blogger Julie Smith said...

So cute! Bekah told me about the mustache face, so adorable.

Tue Aug 17, 05:50:00 PM

Blogger Tiryaki said...

this is so cute!!

Fri Aug 20, 12:31:00 PM


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