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Making the World Cuter: Things that will make you HA HA!

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Things that will make you HA HA!

My kids say H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S. things all the time, but I always forget to write them down...but these are my 2 new favorites from this past week.

Mom: Topher can you come down and help me for a minute?
Christopher: Yes mom, but do you want Christopher or Super-fer?

At this point, I am thinking this kid is super clever for coming up with that, but then this happens...

While at the park the other day for the primary activity an older girl is playing Simon Says with the kids and Topher is just not playing, so the girl is saying "Simon says touch your nose Christopher"...and still he just sits there with a blank look on his face. Bekah goes up to the girl and pats her on the arm real sympathetic like and says;

Bekah: That's okay, he goes to homeschool, he doesn't know anything yet.

Real confidence booster as a homeschool mom for me eh?

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Blogger Summer said...


Tue Sep 29, 07:29:00 PM

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Wed Sep 30, 09:08:00 PM

Blogger The Simpson Family said...

Bekah-the truth hurts, right girl?! hahaha, love that family of yours!

Sat Oct 03, 09:44:00 AM


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