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Making the World Cuter: Friendly Friday-Marvelously Messy

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


Friendly Friday-Marvelously Messy

Another Friday-another cute friend! Today Missy from Marvelously Messy shows us how to pamper your little furry friends. She's got lots of fun stuff over at her blog-go over and check it out! :)

I admit it freely....I pamper my animals. I've had other projects focusing on my cat, Danny....for instance, his kitty cushion. I've also used some of Danny's hair to make a felted mouse but that was less pampering and more *productive grooming*. Bottom line: I do focus some crafty attention on my animal friends. It's Chloe the Boston Terriers turn!!

This little doggie bed is made from a basic bulb crate that my given to me by my Mother-in-law. Once I saw the crate I could *feel* it's potential. Finally it occured to me how to use it. Here is how to make this cozy dog bed. You'll need:

Wooden Crate

Wooden balls(4 large, 4 small....they should each have a flat spot on them for glueing down)

Wood Glue

Hand Saw

White Paint

Thin Scrap Wood

Styrofoam (the size of the inside of the bed)

~Use a saw to trim the top (front facing) board, making 2 cuts, to create a small doorway.

~Take a piece of thin scrap wood and glue it vertically to either side of the doorway....for support. Like this:

~Sand down the edges of the crate, you'll need a flat spot to glue down the wooden balls.

~Start glue the 4 large balls to the 4 bottom corned of the crate. These are the feet.

~Allow the feet to dry and then flip over the crate and glue the four smaller balls to the corners you have sanded down.

Chloe couldn't wait for the bed to be finished....she had to try it out. :-)

~Once all the glue is dry, begin painting.

~Paint every part of the crate. Once it is fully dry, use some sand paper to distress it if you like.

~Put a piece of thin styrofoam in the bottom of the crate, to give it a perfectly flat surface.

~Put a nice soft pillow, some comfy blankets, fleece, etc. in the crate to finish it up.

Now all Chloe needs to do is to keep Danny from sneaking her bed away.....

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The ideas, and opinions expressed on Friendly Friday do not necessarily reflect the owner of this blog. Friendly Friday is a day where new blog friends are invited to share a post of something they think makes the world a cuter place. If you are interested in participating in Friendly Friday, please send a post in html format to, with the subject Friendly Friday. Thanks! And keep it cute! :)



Blogger Erin said...

This is so adorable!!! I want to make one for my dog!


Fri Apr 08, 12:35:00 AM

Blogger Erin said...

How big is the crate?

Fri Apr 08, 01:15:00 AM

Blogger MelindaB said...

cute! I have a Boston Terrier baby too!

Fri Apr 08, 04:55:00 AM

Blogger Rissa @ Hazel and Honeysuckle said...

Cuuute! I love crafting for my pets too, I bet she loves that bed!

Fri Apr 08, 07:08:00 AM

Blogger Kelley said...

FEEEE-nominal! I love it.

Fri Apr 08, 09:40:00 AM

Blogger Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

So cute!!!

Fri Apr 08, 09:49:00 AM

Blogger Andria said...

That is a great idea, very cute and useful!

Fri Apr 08, 10:38:00 AM

Blogger Vicky said...

I love my baby boy puppy too. They truly are a part of our family. Her bed is so sweet. I might have to make one for Diego

Fri Apr 08, 01:20:00 PM

Blogger Mommy Melback said...

Love Love Love it.
I will have to make one for my Boston "Daisy".
p.s. How did your sweety get a tail??? I have never seen that? Our lil girl has the worst lil knub EVER hee hee

Sat Apr 09, 07:11:00 AM

Blogger MessyMissy said...

Thanks so much for the feature!! To Erin's question are the crate bed measurements:
23 1/2" L
15 1/2" W
12" H

Hope that helps!!

Sat Apr 09, 07:15:00 AM

Blogger MessyMissy said...

In reply to Mrs. Mommy little Boston was born that way, as was her mommy. :-) She is a full blooded Boston, but they usually dock their tails if they are long...this breeder didn't want to....and I am really glad he didn't. Her little tail is so EXPRESSIVE. :-)

Sat Apr 09, 07:27:00 AM

Blogger Rashi said...

Tiff, you made it look so simple. Check out my recent post @

Sun Apr 10, 08:23:00 AM


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