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Making the World Cuter: Toot Toot Tuesday-3D Framed Art

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


Toot Toot Tuesday-3D Framed Art

I'm sure a lot of you have done your own versions of 3D art in a glassless frame, I know I have a few in my kids' rooms, but my friend April made a couple for her little girls that I just loved, and I wanted to share.

For the first one she started with a basic wooden shape, you know the ones you can get at any craft store for like a quarter or less? She bought a package of these cute little birdies and made some adorable things with them, including a fun spring wreath that I will have to share soon!
With some modge podge, scrapbook paper and a couple embellishments all stuck in a frame and this is ready for the wall!
You could even do these for any holiday and switch them out if you wanted by making the pieces removable with velcro. I love these hearts, for Valentines day, or any day if you have the right room for them.
She took some flowers, probably dollar store blooms, a little glue, ribbon for stems and a background paper, and this one literally 'pops' right off the wall!
I really like this with the fun little butterfly and its glittery wings, she painted the frame to make it even cuter.
I love that these are all so different-but when you put them all on a wall in a little girls room, they just go together and make the room so cheerful.
This is easy and can be a free project if you have some fun bits and pieces lying around that would make cute 3D art-what do you have that would work for this?

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Blogger Marie@Procrastinating in Pink said...

I love the little bird picture! very cute!

Tue Apr 06, 04:51:00 PM

Blogger Jaime said...

Cute, Cute... i am in the middle of making one kinda like that for my girls room with butterflys.

Tue Apr 06, 04:52:00 PM

Blogger Jax @ AlyandAsh said...

I love the flowers! So cute, thanks for sharing!

Tue Apr 06, 05:35:00 PM

Blogger Sarah said...

Those are all so pretty!

Tue Apr 06, 05:45:00 PM

Blogger Heather said...

Very sweet, I love the flowers.

Tue Apr 06, 05:59:00 PM

Blogger Amy said...

LOVE the flower one! Eek I'm so excited to make one!

Tue Apr 06, 09:09:00 PM

Blogger Delia said...

THe flowers rock. Love it.

Wed Apr 07, 01:05:00 PM

Blogger this mum' s world said...

the bird is simply adoreable! great idea.

Thu Apr 08, 10:36:00 PM

Blogger Aunti said...

The bird is awesome! I will be making these! Thank you for sharing!

Fri Apr 09, 06:45:00 PM

Blogger Nishant said...

So cute, thanks for sharing!
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Fri Apr 09, 08:36:00 PM

Blogger Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

These are soooooo cute! Thanks for the inspiration!

Sat Apr 10, 07:29:00 PM


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