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Toot Toot Tuesday-Desktop Calendar Tutorial

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Making the World Cuter: Toot Toot Tuesday-Desktop Calendar Tutorial

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Toot Toot Tuesday-Desktop Calendar Tutorial

Happy Tuesday!
It's time to share another tutorial.
This is a simple one (seriously so easy), a cheap one (practically free), and has huge potential for cuteness!
-I always have extra frames around, and a lot of them are missing the glass-and some are even missing the frames! I keep the backs of them around for little canvases for fun projects like this one.
-First I attach some paper-this one I mod podged it on.
-This one I just stapled it on.
-Then I embellished with some things I had in my stash.
-Then I made this little calendar in PhotoShop, I will share with you, so you don't have to go make them! :)
-To cut them so that they are even-first cut them down the middle length wise.
-Then on the one column with January, March and May on it...
-Cut the top 1/8inch off and the bottom 1/8 inch off.
-For the other three columns just cut off the bottom 1/8 inch.
-Then cut each individual calendar to 3 and 5/8 inches.
It's not complicated, but it sounds that way when I type it...maybe it's just me.
Hopefully you are not too confused, because seriously it takes 1 minute to get all the cuts done.
-They will be all the same size except for March which will only be slightly smaller, but they all hang nicely on your new desktop calendar.
-I took some cute binder clips (you can find these anywhere now-a-days, dollar stores, and any office supply store or aisle) and clipped some pictures on.
-I just put a piece of burlap behind the calendar on the left and clipped it with the calendar.
This would be a great, and easy gift for a dad, grandma, grandpa...yourself...
If you do this project, I would love to see the results!
Make sure you leave me a link in the comments! :)
Here are the downloads for the Calendars...
Mini Calendars Page 2 PDF

Today is the last day to enter any giveaways for Day 2!
You still have time to enter Day 3, and Day 4-Winners will be announced the day after they end!

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Blogger The Harris Family said...

Adorable and thanks for sharing your files!

Tue Dec 08, 07:43:00 AM

Blogger Katie said...

Very cute! I made a reusable wall calendar one year for my mom that I hope to share next week. Love that this fits on your desk.

Tue Dec 08, 08:26:00 AM

Blogger Christianne Page said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Tue Dec 08, 11:33:00 AM

Blogger Christianne @ Little Page Turners said...

That IS really cute. I love how it has that homemade feel... a touch of home at the office! Thanks for sharing. (Sorry about deleting the last comment - I was signed into the wrong account!)

Tue Dec 08, 11:34:00 AM

Blogger Kim -today's creative blog said...

great idea!

Wed Dec 09, 04:54:00 PM

Blogger Crafty Mom said...

This is totally cute!!! I just linked to it!

Mon Dec 14, 08:07:00 PM

Blogger Scrappy Gifts said...

Thanks for sharing those files...I've been looking for someone that had them.

Fri Feb 05, 10:59:00 AM


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