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Making the World Cuter: Real Boys Wear Pink

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


Real Boys Wear Pink

I uploaded this to my scrapbook blog, but I thought it was such a cute pic that I needed to post it here too. Chad hates it, but it was so funny watching him playing in this tutu all night. This was all Christopher!



Blogger The Johnston's said...

Ha HA HA!!! LOVE IT! the bare cheeks just add so much more to it too! I know what you mean when you say chad doesn't like's a guy thing. I put nail polish on Aidan's toes once (clear polish) because I was doing mine and he wanted some too and David wasn't impressed with that either....and it was CLEAR polish! I think it's cute!

Wed Aug 22, 08:01:00 PM

Blogger A. Simpson said...

What a CUTE bum! Is yours that cute?? I'm asking you Tiff, not Chad. hahaha

Thu Aug 23, 09:20:00 AM

Blogger Goodman Family said...

Oh my gosh! Chad would kill me if I put our little boy in that. cute! What a fun picture to show all of his girlfriends when he gets older. Hee Hee.

Thu Aug 23, 01:41:00 PM


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