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Making the World Cuter: Felt Piecing on Lunch Boxes

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


Felt Piecing on Lunch Boxes

Do any of you have some of those insulated lunch bags that have companies names on them that they give out at different conferences and stuff?

I have lots.

My mom is a regional manager for Landmark Mortgage in Portland (SHAMELESS PLUG-she's awesome by the way, if you are in the area and need a loan call her-contact me & I'll get you her info) and she is always bringing home this swag to my kids.

My kids become instantly attached to this garbage...I mean super awesome stuff...
I have to cuten it up somehow right?
It is my job afterall.

I took a couple of them the other night while sitting up watching a marathon session of Bones on Netflix with my husband and grabbed some felt, scissors and my glue gun and came up with these....
Blue, from Blues Clues if you can't tell-my 2 year old was ecstatic.
And Luigi, because my 4 year old is OBSESSED with Luigi. I am a major hero in this house for this little surprise, it is much more than a lunch box at this point-it is a little man's purse, and it goes with him everywhere.
This is something else I put together with felt pieces and a glue gun for my 4 year old's best friends birthday...he is obsessed with Sonic, he loved it-and couldn't wait to go to bed that night to sleep with it.
These projects were super fun and super easy to do-not to mention the huge hugs and thank yous I got for making them...I need to look around and see what else I can get felt up...(get your mind out of the gutter). :)



Blogger Jocelyn said...

I love your designs. I'll bet your kids were so excited. Looks really good. What a great way to cover up all the logos.

(And we do Bones marathons, too. I'm thinking of getting my hubby a "cocky" belt buckle.)

Tue Nov 02, 11:39:00 PM


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