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Three Things Thursday, 2 year pictures, Moon Catcher and Yes, I still have 2 more months

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Making the World Cuter: Three Things Thursday, 2 year pictures, Moon Catcher and Yes, I still have 2 more months

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


Three Things Thursday, 2 year pictures, Moon Catcher and Yes, I still have 2 more months

I can't believe how fast this week has flown by-actually this summer, it is pretty much the end of July now! Where did it all go?
What has been going on in your world this last week?
Mine has been filled with appointments, playing outside with my kids, anti-potty training, feeling hot and fat, lots of feeding, petting and even riding horses, and a little bit of going through pictures....Finally!

#1-I finished picking and editing the pictures I took of Porter for his 2 year old birthday, I really tried to focus on the ones that would remind me of how he is right now, rather than ones I would usually want framed-he is changing so fast! From baby to child in the blink of any eye. His pictures are here.
#2-My second thing that stands out this week is also about Porter. We were outside, because we have been trying to keep him outside while he is underwear unless he is in the bathroom for obvious reasons, and Bekah pointed out the moon to him.
He got all excited, ran into the garage and came running out with a large butterfly net.
He spent the next 20 minutes trying to "catch it."
He was asking everyone "Catch it? Moon!"
It was absolutely the most adorable thing.
#3-I guess it was about time to get some maternity pictures of me-because according to everyone, including complete strangers on the street, there is no way I still have 2 months left until this baby is coming. Such a nice thing to say to someone who is already feeling fat and swollen. Typical conversations go begin like this...

"When are you due?" or
"It must be any day, when is your baby coming." or
"Wow, I didn't realize you were so close to your due date, when are you due?"

To which I reply-"End of September."

To which I get either the "Wow, are you sure your due date isn't off?" or
"You sure there is only one in there?" or the completely tactless,
"Really, you're huge!" or my favorite, when they are trying to take their gigantic foot out of their mouth,
"Oh you look really cute pregnant, " to which they promptly turn and walk away looking at whoever they are with or whoever can see their mouth moving while they mouth

Yes, I have gotten it all-my babies are huge people!
Number one was 8.8.
Number two was 9.5.
My third was over 5 weeks early and still weighed in at 6 pounds.
I always carry a ton of extra fluid too-within 2 weeks, although I may not look it, I am always back or under my pre-pregnancy weight because of this.

I have gotten the looks of pity and the feet in the mouth before, but never this bad, and never this early on.
It's been fun, (she says in a sarcastic tone).

Just so everyone knows-this is where I am today with baby Oliver (I think we finally have settled on this name). My babies usually tend to come late-(except with number 3, who was in my opinion most definitely a stress induced premature labor)-and they come big.
Baby Names - Name Badge Ticker
Thanks for your eye bulges, gasps, comments, doubts and pity...they really make a girl feel good.

(Just so you know, it takes a lot for me to get offended since I know it will all go away soon enough-it is actually kind of funny for me to see people trying to pull their feet out of their mouth. The comments have all been made, but it really doesn't get to me much. I always have good stories to tell my hubby when he comes home from work at least!)



Blogger Stratton Family said...

LOL I have 2 months left in my pregnancy too...I know what you mean about people's comments. you get tired of hearing, "WOW you look like you're about to POP, when are you due?"

I came across your blog the other day through another craft blog. cute blog, had to add it to my LONG list of crafty blogs to read!!

Thu Jul 22, 01:26:00 PM

Blogger Candy (Mama Lion) said...

I just had a baby... well not... just. He is 10 weeks old now but i remember feeling the way u did 2 months before he was born! time flies.

Thu Jul 22, 02:03:00 PM

Blogger Jennifer said...

I'm just half way thru my 2nd pregnancy, and people are already making those types of comments. I just smile and tell them "It's a boy and you should see my husband, he's over 6ft tall and 200 lbs." Plus it does not help that I'm petite myself, so the baby has nowhere else to go instead of out. :) I have learned to accept the fact I'm going to be a house by the time he is born. Before you know it-Fall will be here. :)

Thu Jul 22, 02:58:00 PM

Blogger Heather said...

With my 2nd, my husband was the one telling me that I looked bigger than I did with #1...gee thanks honey. :) I feel your pain about big babies though. #1 was 10lbs 5oz. #2 was barely 7lbs though. :) Enjoy the last trimester!

Thu Jul 22, 04:36:00 PM

Blogger The Super Seven said...

I can totally relate to all those comments. I have 5 kids and the smallest of those 5 was 9 lbs 1 oz and the biggest was 11 lbs 4 oz with the rest between 9 and 10. I personally stopped caring what people thought....and used to just tell them I had one over 11 lbs naturally and all was fine. Personally I loved my big babies. I'm sure Oliver will be awesome no matter how big he is and as long as you are happy that's all that matters!!! Good luck!!!!

Fri Jul 23, 11:41:00 AM

Blogger Shauna said...

I was the same way! I was HUGE! I look back on pictures and my jaw drops! My son is Oliver! I love it and happy to see other Olivers out there. He was/is a big boy! He was 9.1 when he was born. And now at 18 months hes over 30lbs! UGH!

Fri Jul 23, 04:36:00 PM

Blogger Jenni said...

I saw your maternity pictures and you aren't at all huge! I don't know what people are seeing when they say those things to you! With our youngest, I carried her all in the front, and I was huge! :)

I hope you are having a great weekend!

Sun Jul 25, 05:10:00 PM

Blogger Scrappy Gifts said...

Wonderful pictures. Don't worry you look normal size to me. I was huge and my baby ended up only being 6 lbs. 6 oz. I was like seriously - great I got way too fat!

Thu Jul 29, 04:34:00 PM


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