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Baby Busy

Today is the last day to enter the Memory Mixer Mothers Day Giveaway-you have until midnight Pacific time.

So I have slacked off the last couple of days on the blog, yesterday I had all sorts of fun things to post, but they were put on hold because I was taking pictures and then editing and oohing, ahhing and loving this itty bitty. See more of her photos HERE.
Today my blog swappity friend fell through, so we had to reschedule.

I find out what "kind of" baby we're having on Wednesday, as long as baby cooperates that is.
Fingers crossed for one more little princess, that would make 2 girls and 2 boys.
But (hopefully) totally prepared if they tell me I have another cute little boy coming.
This is hard for me, knowing it's our last little one, it feels right, but still hard knowing that this is it.
After September our family will be complete.

Anyone else in my same boat-or been there?



Blogger Kerstin said...

If your boat is pretty sure you're done, but what a HUGE decision to make, then I'm paddling with you!

I was sure I wanted one more after my son, until he had quite a few medical problems. Now am I not wanting one out of fear or because we are complete?!

The discussion could go on and on. You'll know. Trust your feelings. But also don't make a decision when you are hormanal either!

Haha. So i'm paddling us in circles now. You might want to bail out of my boat. Hope you have a life vest.

kerstin @

Fri May 07, 11:31:00 AM

Blogger Stacey said...

A-dorable! I'll keep my fingers crossed for a little girl. I do think Dad's need a little taste of that life.
I'm currently pregnant with boy number three. I might have been convinced to keep trying for that sweet little girl but our soon to be middle is such a strong willed bundle that it's a miracle in itself that I'm even having the third. As a matter of fact--I might just keep him in.

Fri May 07, 11:49:00 AM

Blogger jackie said...

I'm definitely in your boat! We're going to be keeping our fingers crossed for a little boy (when we get pregnant again!)...just one!!! And the husband and I were just talking the other night that we can't believe that the next one will be our last. A bit sad, you know??!! But I'll welcome not having to change diapers or cut up food. Not looking at a highchair in my kitchen (like I have for the last 7 years!) will be nice as well! :)

Fri May 07, 12:58:00 PM

Blogger abby said...

Just had baby #4 two months ago, and didn't find out what it was going to be before she was born. Really really wanted a girl to even out the genders in the house, and was shown yet again that God is faithful even in the little things. Baby is a perfect little girl! It SHOULD be the last one - four kids . . . I'm getting older . . . but after four terrible miscarraiges and four miraculous births it's hard to say that this is the end. How does one make that decision? REally? Good luck! 2girls/2boys is what we have, love it! But three boys would have made the one girl that much more special.

Sat May 08, 06:12:00 AM

Blogger Kelly W said...

I have been told that you will know when you are done having babies. I have 4 kids and I just don't feel like we are done. I am scared that I will never get that "I'm done" feeling. Congrats to you. Babies are just so special.

Sat May 08, 09:46:00 AM


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