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Making the World Cuter: Hewletts on Ice-Tour dates Coming Soon!

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Hewletts on Ice-Tour dates Coming Soon!

This weekend I surprised Chad with a night at our favorite place out here 'The Running Y' just him and me.
I left Christopher at his friend Connor's house and Bekah and Topher at our friends the Appah's. A big thank you and hugs to you guys for letting Chad and I have the whole night to ourselves, and letting us sleep in! :)

The next night we brought the kids up to stay with us and took them ice skating.
Chad hadn't been on skates in at least 15 years, and I think it's been about that long for me too.
So our kids have NEVER been on skates.
Taking 3 little beginners out on the ice, may seem a little crazy.
And it was.
Porter liked getting his skates on...
...for about a minute.
Then he just got mad.Then he got a little bit more mad.
Bekah was beyond thrilled to finally do "what she always wanted to do" and Topher was just there for the ride.2-3 times around the rink with mom and dad taking turns 'helping' Porter skate.
He was absolutely finished.
He wanted those skates off right that second.
Christopher was not much better.
He didn't complain as much-but he just let you push him around.
It was like shoveling a sidewalk...only harder...and wigglier.
I didn't get a good picture of either of the boys skating, because when they were skating, Chad and I were each holding...and pushing one of them.
I did get this one though of him holding the wall, very upset that Chad and I were both taking a break from pushing him around the rink, holding onto our backs like the very old people that we were feeling like.
Dang that kid has some long eyelashes, and big eyes.
One more time around the rink?
With eyes like those, you can get just about anything you want!
Then there was Miss Bekah.
I thought for sure she would be a freak show out there on the ice.
Clinging to the wall for dear life.
Sobbing uncontrollably the first time she fell on her tooshie.
Did she ever prove me wrong!
She held onto the wall for about half of the first time around, held my hand for the rest of that time and then she was off.
And when she did fall-this was her face.
Not exactly the tears and snot I was expecting.
She said she learned on Blues Clues Musical, that when you fall you just need to get back up.Thank you Blue!
She really wants to take lessons now, and says she loves it more than ballet.
I believe it.
She and I stayed and skated for at least 2 hours after Chad left with the boys.
And she was all smiles the whole time.
I had to get one picture of my honey on skates too-he is a natural at everything he does, he was speeding around the rink even when he did have a boy attached to him.

Then there was me, I stayed right next to Bekah, not because she needed my help, but because I was so slow and unbalanced, I probably would have fallen on my face if I would have tried to pick up the pace at all.


Blogger Julie Smith said...

How did I just know she would be a natural? I guess you now know where every Daddy/Daughter, Mommy/Daughter date will take place!

Mon Nov 09, 08:32:00 AM


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