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Making the World Cuter: Get the Word out Wednesday-Turkey Technology

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Get the Word out Wednesday-Turkey Technology

I love technology...but not as much as you, you see...but I still love technology...always and forever...(name that movie!).
So let's talk technology, "Turkey Technology"

There is some awesome technology out there that I would LOVE to get my little hands are some things you might want to pick up, even before Thanksgiving, because how cool is this?

What is it? It is a WiFi touchscreen video phone that doesn't require you to have a computer to use!

How perfect would this be for Grandma and Grandpa who don't like to use the computer?

Or on Thanksgiving, when you want to bring the camera in the kitchen with you to show your mom what your gravy looks like, so she can tell you what you did wrong, and how to fix it? (I'm telling you that would come in handy so much in my house!) You could bring it into your kids bedroom as they are getting into bed and let Daddy read them a story when he's away, or Grandma can sing them a song as they get tucked in. It's a little pricey, but really cool right?

Asus Videophone Touch ($299.99)/ Skype Video Calling (FREE)

Want to have some adult talk during the long family car ride to Grandma’s?

We are not going to Grandma's for Thanksgiving this year, but we make several trips a year to see both of them, one lives 5 hours away and the other lives 10. You can bet with 3 little kids that we have a lot of Dora playing on the DVD players, and as much as I enjoy a good suspenseful Swiper moment, sometimes I wish I didn't have to hear it and instead have a relaxing conversation with my husband.

Griffin Technology’s Volume-Limiting Headphones for kids ($40).

Myphones are super cute (or awesome if you are a boy), are safe for kids sensitive ears and are customizable to fit your childs style. (Plus it keeps the movie theme songs in their heads and not yours, so you will not be humming, "I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the map, I'M THE MAP!"). I've got to snag me some of these!

Whip cream lover? Me too.
My favorite is fresh made, but the problem is that it doesn't save.
Unless you have one of these beautiful pieces of art.

Williams Sonoma Whipper ($100)

I know I can't afford one as of right now but imagine the whippiness possibilities! Add clouds of perfect natural whipped cream to your pumpkin pie (or your daily hot chocolate, am I the only one?) with this essential gadget, but don’t worry about leftovers. This dispenser will keep them fresh for 10 days in the refrigerator. (That's 10 days!!! In the bowl it doesn't last 10 minutes! This is pure genious!).

And when you’re resting off the Post-Turkey Food Coma…

Netflix Roku Digital Video Player ($99)

This little gadget is super cool! You can watch Netflix instantly on your TV rather than your computer. You don't need any extra subscriptions or anything else, you just buy the box and as long as you have a wireless connection, you can watch all your Netflix movies, even in HD! We could have some fun with this!

Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way for talking about these products.

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Blogger Julie Smith said...

You kill me! But seriously, pictures of babies, 3 to be precise. I was annoyed on Monday and then remembered you would post them on Wednesday then, I was more than patient on Tuesday, I read all about the cute coasters. Secretly hoping mine were being made with cute pics of my babies. IT'S WEDNESDAY!!!!!!! I love the tribute to you needing my help with gravy even though you do more cooking than me these days and I call you more with recipe questions than visa versa. Still not good enough. Send me baby pics or I will find horrible ones of you and post them :-)

Wed Nov 18, 11:02:00 AM

Blogger A. Simpson said...

You've gotten me on this one before.
It's Napolean Dynamite. The Wedding scene.

Wed Nov 18, 08:00:00 PM


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