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Making the World Cuter: Too young for chores? Not Possible.

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Too young for chores? Not Possible.

Porter has a job now.
It is to sharpen the hundreds of pencils that we have in the school area.
He loves to play with the pencil sharpener (under supervision of course).

The funny thing is, he's good at it!
The other kids are a little bit chicken about shoving it in there and letting it sharpen.
Not Porter-he is all business, and when the pencil is sharp he asks for another one.

It's about time he contributes! :)



Blogger Ang said...

Aww That is too cute!! My 2 year old has a couple of jobs around here. He loves to help so I gave him some big boy jobs like helping to empty the dryer and the dishwasher.

Wed Oct 07, 12:54:00 PM

Blogger Julie Smith said...

I have many dull pencils and a sharpner, does he want to start sub contracting?

Thu Oct 08, 12:55:00 PM

Blogger Jennifer said...

Absolutely not too young! 2is the perfect age to start good habits since they are so eager to learn and help at this age. I even developed a website catering to these little ones ages 2-7 where they can build their own calendars and chore charts using custom illustrations and even your own uploaded photos to mark events and activities! Check it out at and try it out! I've used it with my own four kids since they were two and we've loved it!

Thu Oct 08, 02:20:00 PM


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