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Yearnin for some Learnin...

This little fella started preschool today.
He was so cute and excited about it, and getting to wear his back pack and get the mandatory picture and putting on his new school clothes (courtesy of Grandma-Thanks!)

It's actually a homeschool, preschool group.
We all take turns having the kids at our house and teaching them.
It's only one day a week, but I think it will be great for his attention skills, and social skills as well since he doesn't get much of it outside of the home.
Not that's there's anything wrong with that his age.

She's doing it too, but it is obviously geared towards the pre-school set, but she loves to get out and do stuff. She also needed her picture taken in her cute new clothes, never one to miss an opportunity such as this!

I have no worries whatsoever about her social skills!

This kid, just climbed onto the porch and looked expectantly at the camera after I finished with the other kids. He will not be attending pre-school.

He is however very cute.

So I complied and clicked one out for him as well.



Blogger Lisa - edenwild said...

Darling! Good idea with the preschool group. I think some people shy away from homeschooling because they are worried about their kids not being socialized properly, but there are a lot of groups for homeschoolers, as I am finding out.

Thu Sep 10, 10:03:00 PM


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