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Making the World Cuter: '...Don't you know that you're toxic?"

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'...Don't you know that you're toxic?"

A lot of people have asked, "WHY?!???" are we doing a cleanse.

Is it just for weight loss?


And it's not to torture ourselves either.
We put so much processed and unnatural foods in our bodies, that our bodies just don't know how to handle the toxins, so it results in weight gain, fatigue, aches and all sorts of problems.

I am not a health food nut or anything, I enjoy myself a good cheeseburger, chocolate chip cookie and any other number of delicious treats-just check out my recipe blog if you don't believe me!

I do try and choose the healthiest options I can though, without compromising flavor.

I found that a detox just really boosts my overall health and makes me want to be better.

I think the main benefit in these for me besides the inches of yuck that whittle away so quickly, is the amount of discipline it proves that I really have.

If I can drink lemonade and no food for 10 days and nothing but fruit and vegetables for another 7, then I most definitely can eat just one cookie after dinner, and not stop and get that soda on the way home from grocery shopping.

Besides, once I'm done detoxing, those things aren't as appealing anyway.
Your body remembers what it is supposed to fuel itself with, and it is not a Jr Bacon Cheeseburger from Wendy's.

So you begin to crave healthier options, and the junk food that you do eat, you seriously can't eat that much of, because you can only handle so much.

Ask Chad about that one, he is still mad that fast food doesn't taste good like it once did after the last detox. I am not complaining, lots easier to say no, if it doesn't sound good!

Anyway, I know a lot of you have done a lot of different detox diets, and from what I've heard from you, they all work the way they are supposed to.

I know a lot of you think I am crazy as I sit here with my carrot sticks, and you are munching on a delicious cupcake or something...mmmm cupcakes....

There may be some that are thinking that you might want to detox though, and for you, I found a little test that will let you know if you are toxic or not, and if a cleanse would be good for you.

If you answer yes to 2 or more of these questions, then a cleanse might be something to look into.

  1. Are you overweight?
  2. Do you find it hard to think clearly, or do you feel foggy?
  3. Is your stomach bulging or look bloated?
  4. Do you eat a lot of high carbohydrate foods, such as pizza, sweets, breads and junk food?
  5. Do you have to eat snacks or drink soda or coffee to get through the day?
  6. Do you have trouble focusing and keeping your attention on things you need to do?
  7. Are you depressed or filled with anxiety?
  8. Have you lost your zest for living?
  9. Is your tongue coated with a film?
  10. Are you constipated, and/or suffer from gas or indegestion? (wow, getting a little personal aren't we? I don't want to know the answer by the way.)
  11. Do you have trouble sleeping, or wake up feeling tired or don't want to get up in the morning?
  12. Do you feel moody, and are your emotions often out of control?
  13. Do you crave unhealthy foods and want them every day?
  14. Is your sex drive reduced or non-existant? (Chad would say this is why I need to do a detox no matter what)
  15. Are your eyes bloodshot or do you have bags under your eyes?

Anyway we are on day 4, only 3 more days to go, and I will tell you that although we get to eat in this one, constantly I might add, we are finding ourselves more hungry than we did with the Master Cleanse, Chad more than I.

I am doing okay, especially since I can see the results already in the mirror. Not so much on the scale, but I would rather see the difference anyway. I'm not overweight, but I have some yuckishness leftover from having Mr. Porter that is getting smaller and smaller each day.

So worth it.


Blogger Sara said...

I think it is great you are doing detox, but I am laughing out loud, as I suck down the soda I stopped to get after grocery shopping today. . . hey, I had to have something to wash down my BLT, hahahaha, and I answered yes to 95 percent of your questions, but in about a week (hopefully) I will be dropping about 20 pounds OVERNIGHT, now that is impressive ;)

Mon Sep 21, 02:49:00 PM

Blogger THE FAMILY OF OAK said...

So, if I wanted to do this cleanse, what do I do? I need to drop like 100 pounds so I need to start somewhere:) Just eat fruits and veggies ALL DAY LONG!?!?!? Can they be smothered in BUTTER?! lol

Mon Sep 21, 03:11:00 PM

Blogger Jessyquita said...

hmmm, I find it funny that people ask you why do a cleanse. I thought it was obvious! lol

Tue Sep 22, 06:52:00 AM

Blogger Lisa - edenwild said...

I realized something after the fruits and veggies cleanse I did recently--people may not be as fat as they think they are. They may just be bloated from eating unhealthy foods--it my case it is dairy that makes me look "fat." I lost seven pounds in seven days and I have kept it off. I am eating poorly lately, though, and I am feeling the effects--moody and in a lot of pain. Oh, and tired. And well, you don't need all the details!! lol

Tue Sep 22, 06:52:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where could I find the information on how to do this?

Mon Sep 28, 12:43:00 AM

Blogger Lacy said...

Hey I did the master cleanse once. Afterwards...a while afterwards, I went to eat a candy bar and I really could only get 2 bites in. It was so sweet and intense that 2 bites is all I could take. We just got back from the movies and I had several candy bites more than 2. Maybe it's time to cleanse again :)

Sat Nov 14, 03:52:00 PM


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