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Making the World Cuter: Perfect 10 Baby!

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Perfect 10 Baby!

Ten months old this one.
Ten things he is doing as of now...
  1. Saying mom-FINALLY! He doesn't say mama-he says MOM-he screams it from his crib, he climbs up my leg and looks at me and says it when he wants me to pick him up, and when he's hungry he yells it. He started saying it on the 3rd. Happy mom.
  2. In addition to his other words mom, dada and Hey!, He now says baba for several things-ball, bye bye (which he waves now) and bottle.
  3. He is completely weened as of last month. A little sad for me, but with him being so early and having to take a bottle to get all the extra calories for so long-he just never was the great nurser that my other kids were. On the other hand, having other people be able to help feed him while I tend to the other kids-super helpful.
  4. Takes a bath without his bath chair. Straight to the big boy tub with big brother-this kid is a fish.
  5. Sleeps through the night in his own bed, in his own room,(until Tyler wakes him up getting ready for seminary). This is something that was not a regular thing until about 15 months for my other kids because of the whole nursing thing. There are some advantages, that I am not under appreciating.
  6. Has 3 almost 5 teeth-hence the drool.
  7. Can cruise around the furniture and kids play loft going mock 90 pulling everything off every table, shelf, chair. A true boy.
  8. Can get from one side of the house to the upstairs in the time it takes me to pull out the vaccuum to clean up from his lunch. He is speedy and wants to spend all day upstairs with the older kids, and he knows when mom isn't looking.(Thankfully, we just borrowed a gate from a friend! Thanks Sara!)
  9. He eats EVERYTHING! Always the first to the table, and always the last to leave-and literally can out eat every single one of us. We're pretty sure the kid does not have a stretch receptor in his stomach (thanks Chad for the medical terminology-your education is totally paying off!).
  10. Steals our hearts with each goofy little grin and pouty lip. We love you P-Sam!



Blogger Julie Smith said...

He's so adorable and sweet I just want to pinch those little cheeks!

Thu May 07, 11:05:00 AM


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