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December Daily 1: The Countdown Begins!

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Making the World Cuter: December Daily 1: The Countdown Begins!

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


December Daily 1: The Countdown Begins!

The countdown to Christmas begins! Today we made Christmas chains, with the numbers 1-25 on them. I helped Topher with his, having him tell me which number comes next and had him slide the strips through the hole while I did the stapling. Bekah did hers completely on her own, cutting the strips, writing the numbers and putting the chain together. She was so proud of it! I did notice she may be a little dislexic with her numbers though-the twenties and the teens seemed to be mixed up a lot and the numbers were backwards. I guess we need to work on her numbers a little more!Every night before bed they get to take a link off till Christmas. I also taught them how to make snowflakes today, Bekah did a pretty good job, but cutting that small of shapes was a bit challenging. The upstairs walls are getting covered in them!
We are going to try and do something holiday oriented each day of December-now that I am all done with presents, I can focus on just enjoying the month with my kids. Ahhh what a great feeling!


Blogger Jennie Minor said...

you are such a cute mom! I have to say that Bekah looks like Shae to me and your little guy Topher looks like a pic of Tim when he was younger. So cute!

Tue Dec 02, 08:59:00 PM


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