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Making the World Cuter: 3 months old!

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


3 months old!

Porter is 3 months old. I cannot believe how fast it has gone, it seems like I was just posting his pics of him in the billi lights!
He has been a fun baby-lots of smiles and such a cuddle bug. I think he might be the most challenging of all my kids though-or maybe it's just that I have 3 now that he seems more challenging. Just that constant need for attention 24-7 has been a lot more draining on me this time around. He doesn't like to be left alone for longer than a minute, so he cries a lot during meal times and when I'm bathing the other kids etc...Luckily he is number 3 and hearing a baby cry isn't as hard as it was when I first had Bekah, or I might be a complete emotional wreck right now! I am just so glad my other kids are so accepting and patient with him. They just seem to know he needs me and they are just fine to wait their turn.I am so grateful for this sweet little spirit in our home though, I am grateful for his health and for the fun he adds to our family. Our family wouldn't be complete without him that's for sure!
Speaking of that-completely off the subject of Porter...I know I want another baby in a couple years that was always the plan, but ever since I had Porter I have felt like we are missing someone. We go to the store and I look around for someone who isn't there. If we are all sitting around watching a movie, I really feel like someone is missing. I hope this doesn't mean I need to have the next one sooner than I was planning! You know how I like things all planned out! It's just been very unsettling to me to always feel like I'm forgetting someone!


Blogger Jessyquita said...

That is so crazy, "that feeling of missing someone" I don't feel that, but I wish I could! I can't believe Porter is 3 months already! I heard that going from 2 to 3 kids is a MAJOR change! You are doing great :)

Tue Oct 07, 07:55:00 AM

Blogger Julie Smith said...

Silly Tiff, that feeling is what happens when you have 3. I told you that 3rd one will throw everything for a loop. I bet if you focus you will find it's not just that you think you are missing SOMEONE but I bet you are also feeling like you are always missing SOMETHING. I swear that third baby steals the part of your brain that plans and knows when your appointments are and even what day of the week it is. Get use to it :-) They never give it back. The fourth baby is no where near as big of an adjustment as the third. By the time fourth comes along, you will be used to feeling like a space cadet who always feels like your forgetting someone and something.

Tue Oct 07, 02:13:00 PM

Blogger Jennie Minor said...

3 months already? WOW! time flies! he is so dang cue. and I am so bummed I didn't win.

Thu Oct 09, 08:39:00 PM

Blogger Fab5 said...

Good freak! I love your child and I miss you guys like mad! *sniff* I'll go find me a corner to pout in now...

Sat Oct 11, 07:51:00 PM


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