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Making the World Cuter: So Cool He has to Wear Shades

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So Cool He has to Wear Shades

I'm a little emotional about this still-or maybe just sleep deprived, mostly from this all nighter. On day 4 at the hospital, Porter had to be in this light box to treat the jaundice, and he hated it when he was awake! He would arch his back until he rolled off the billi blanket and just holler. I was up all night holding his hand and patting him, which calmed him down, but if I stopped he would start all over again. I tried to sleep when he slept, but I was beyond tired and emotional and I just would cry. It was a long 4 days (5 days since I had been there, but 4 since he was born) by this point being alone every night at the hospital without Chad was wearing on me-and then not being able to cuddle my upset baby except for feedings that luckily are every 2 hours-I was a wreck! Luckily the thing worked to bring down his levels far enough to let us go home on a contingent basis the next day-or I might have been put in the looney bin! Looking at these pictures though-at least it will make a cute scrapbook page with his funny little glasses!


Blogger The DeWeese's said...

aw poor Porter :( but he does look pretty cool in his shades! cant wait to see him! love you

Sun Jul 13, 11:25:00 PM

Blogger Sara said...

Wow, tiff! Great updates and pictures. YOU LOOK SO GREAT!!!

I think some of the most tender pictures I've seen are mom's holding their baby's hands in the hospital in situations like these. Enough to reduce me to tears every single time. I'm so glad that you're both home and happy!

Mon Jul 14, 07:40:00 AM

Blogger Lisa C said...

It's so awful to be separated from your baby. I'm glad he's better and doing so well for being so early.

Thu Jul 17, 08:54:00 PM


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