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God Bless America!

What a fun day! We kind of slept in, so we missed the parade, but we got out of the house by about 10:15 and hit the street fair. Lots to see, but I think the best part was just to be able to go down Main and see all the businesses that are there for future reference. There is a pretty cool pet store-it's mostly exotics-so they have a lot of cool fish, lizards, birds and even a couple alligators. They have a play area there for the kids which is also cool-all animal themed. Needless to say Topher and Bekah did not want to leave. We all got a snowcone and enjoyed our walk up and down Main.When we got home Chad took the older kids and Topher outside to play, Bekah wanted to stay inside and help me clean up. I rewarded her by letting her help make cookies and lick both of the beaters. She was one happy kiddo!Then after the cookies were done we went out to see what everyone else was doing and joined in on a game of kickball. I pitched for both teams; Bekah and Dad against Zach and Ryeleigh. Topher was in the outfield the whole time, apparently watering flowers, and nursing an injury on his thumb.
After the game, we started getting ready for dinner. I brought everything out and then we all sat around waiting for the burgers to get done. Bekah was posing, Ryeleigh was laying in the wagon under a tree, and Porter and I sat in a chair while the boys were off playing. After I took pics of Bekah and all her poses, she took a couple pictures of Porter and Ryeleigh.
Then it was BBQ time. Hamburgers, chips, watermelon and grapes, typical american fare. And then of course Cream Soda. I NEVER have soda in the house-so Chad said since it was the 4th, that it was okay to have. Whatever. Bekah and I enjoyed our water thank you very much-but Topher was very much okay to be drinking soda, which makes me a little crazy! Bekah surprised me by eating watermelon and actually enjoying it. It always surprises me when she eats any fruit-but she has been expanding her fruit intake lately, because she wants to be the strongest in the family. Fine by me! Go get em tiger!
After dinner they all got into a rousing game of jump rope. A little mouse trap and jump the snake. Then a little monkey in the middle-with Topher, who was one of the monkeys trying to get every last drop out of the soda can that he knows he won't get again for a very long time! That game didn't last long, because it was pretty rough and Chad ended up stepping on Bekahs ankle and cut it up pretty good. We needed to get ready to go to fireworks anyway-the most exciting part of the day anyway right?We got to Veteran's Park where they light them off about an hour plus some before they started. We sat and waited in all the bugs and the crowds patiently for the show to start. Topher slept till right before they started and woke up to see the big shin dig. Unfortunately-I don't know if it was because of the wind or what-but they let them off clear on the other side of the lake and we could only see them through the tall tall trees that lined the lake. This had to be a new location, because us newbies to the area weren't the only one's that were upset by the view. Lots of people who had been waiting for longer than we had-got up and left after they started complaining loudly. Topher watched for about 2 minutes and went back to sleep. Bekah still enjoyed them, so it wasn't a complete waste of time. Traffic getting out was bad....for Klamath falls. We got home in less than 20 minutes-so at least that part was better than the shows in downtown Portland and Provo-the 2 places we had gone for previous 4ths.All in all-a great 4th to reflect on our freedoms and blessings for living in this great country!


Blogger Sara said...

Your belly is so stinkin cute. And wow, are you really wearing a sweatshirt on the fourth of july? I haven't even seen a sweatshirt in six months...

Sat Jul 05, 09:40:00 PM

Blogger Marque and Sarah said...

Sounds like a fun time. I ran into someone who found you guys on my blog. They said, "YOU KNOW CHAD?!" "HE IS THE GREATEST GUY!" I thought I would pass that along.

Sun Jul 06, 08:33:00 AM

Blogger Ashley & Jordan said...

I am so jealous of your stinkin cute family and your little pregnant belly...

Mon Jul 07, 02:15:00 PM


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