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Finally some pics of the House!

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Making the World Cuter: Finally some pics of the House!

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Finally some pics of the House!

We made the move-and drove on out with all our stuff to Klamath Falls and have been here for a little over a week now. We have made the drive 3 times in that time since we had to go back to Portland and pick up our van that was in the body shop. Then we still are going on yet another road trip to Utah this weekend-we are all a little sick of the car, (not to mention the $100 it takes to fill up our tank every time we go to the gas station!).

I think I got pictures of mostly everything except our room-I still have my scrapbookin stuff to unpack in there-then we are done!!!

One thing we learned from this move-more space doesn't actually mean more room-when you unpack all the things you've been storing for the last 3 years. It showed us we have a LOT of stuff! Still we are living it up in our almost 1800 square feet of our funny little old house.

It has it's funny little quirks-but we are so happy to have it! Check out the 5 different carpets we have going through it-too funny!

I am off to a doctors appointment so this will have to do-we are off to Utah tomorrow for vacation and to pick up the step kiddlings! Later!


Blogger Eric & Penny Kunz Family said...

Yeah you made it! I love the backyard your kids are going to run wild. So happy you are in a house!

Tue Jun 10, 04:17:00 PM

Blogger tim and priscilla said...

wow, that yard is amazing!!! chad, what a trooper for not only mowing it this once, but every time in the future. can't wait to see you guys!!!! we are excited to see little prego tiff. love ya! and love the house, my jaw is still dropped because of that yard, how fun!

Tue Jun 10, 07:07:00 PM

Blogger Dustan and Micayla Dinkel said...

Tiff--CONGRATS on the house!!! How fun--it looks so pretty up there!

Tue Jun 10, 07:32:00 PM

Blogger Joel and Kristie said...

Your house is sooo Adorable, and I can't BELIEVE the HUGE yard, WOW!! The kids are going to LOVE growing up with allll that room!!! Congratulations!!!

Wed Jun 11, 12:15:00 PM

Blogger Sara said...

Aww! I missed out on the slide show! I can't get into it for some reason. Grrrr....

Thu Jun 12, 09:20:00 AM

Blogger Paul and Jessica Jewkes said...

Holy Cow Tiffany! How are you!!!! I found your blog and I was so excited! Love the new haircut and your little family is darling! (This is Jessica Fotheringham by the way)

Thu Jun 12, 12:30:00 PM

Blogger julieeee said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaay cute house! so glad to see you arrived safe n sound!

Thu Jun 12, 12:48:00 PM

Blogger Fab5 said...

What the crap is everyone talkin about? I see no house, just yards and yards of a huge spacious...umm yard. Which I love by the way...

Thu Jun 12, 01:31:00 PM

Blogger The Chambers Family said...

I am glad you made it safe and are unpacked. The house looks cute and a nice big yard for the kids!

Fri Jun 13, 08:51:00 PM

Blogger Goodman Family said...

How fantastic that you get a house with a beautiful yard! So jealous! So glad to see you settled in your new life.

Tue Jun 17, 11:03:00 AM

Blogger Fab5 said...

Okay, I see em now. Holy moses! Sure beats your old place huh?!
p.s. You are far too organized look at all those nicely packed storage bins!

Wed Jun 18, 09:36:00 PM

Blogger Perkes Family said...

The house looks amazing. So much space for your growing family. I am happy for you guys and your future. If you are up in portland to visit your mom give a call we would love to play.

Thu Jun 19, 03:18:00 PM


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