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Making the World Cuter: Pre-School Pal

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Pre-School Pal

This is Bekah and her best friend from Pre-School, Alexi. They had a playdate at our place today, and had so much fun. They are two peas in a pod I tell you! They colored on Bekah's easel, baked cookies, played dress up, read books, scrapbooked (click here to see their work) and laughed their guts out. It was so nice having Alexi here, she is really sweet and listens and can entertain both my kids so well. Bekah is super excited to be able to go play at her house in the next week or two. She is going to miss her an awful lot when we move and preschool is over, she has made a really great friend. Pre-school has been really great for Bekah in this aspect, she is making lots of friends and learning lots of great stuff.

It's the not so great stuff that she's learining that makes me glad it's almost over!

A lot of these kids have older siblings-so the whole competition thing has rubbed off on her since she's been going-she needs to have the biggest, or the first, or the right side, or the longest or whatever it is of everything and that makes me nutty. Then there is the phrases she has picked up from the high school students that teach her-nothing too terrible-just attitude things that she hasn't heard around here.
I know some of you might think I'm absolutely nutty-but I am seriously considering home schooling my kids. My sister in law did it and her kids are very well behaved for the ages they are, and they are not at all socially wierd, they have lots of friends from church and their neighborhood and are some of the best kids I know. She is letting her teenage girls go every other day (A day B day) to high school, so they get to have some of those experiences, like dances etc..., but she still home schools them on the alternative days which means she gets to instill their family values and makes sure they are getting all their assignments done and understands them.

What do you think? Crazy or Good idea?


Blogger tim and priscilla said...

really want my opinion? don't know if you will like it.
well, i went to a private school until i was in high school, even THAT i will never do to my children unless i live somewhere like new york city. my parents wanted me to have the best education and protect me too. my parents decided to put me in a public school in 9th grade (the private high schools were catholic), honestly, my social skills were not the best, i was super shy and had zero friends almost the whole year. luckily i was very involved in sports so i wasn't a complete loser. but when you are thrown into a situation like that, you can't really CHOOSE your friends. if that makes sense. when you are new and not used to being around a lot of kids it is hard. everyone has their own groups. you will take what you can get, so i hung out with some not so good crowds that first year. because they were so nice and accepting. the good kids kept such a tight click. luckily i was a good kid with strong morals so i had no problems.
i think we just have to do the best in raising our kids, teach them whats right and show lots of love and ATTENTION at home, whether you keep them at home or let them go out, if they want trouble, they will find it.
i had this conversation with tim the other day, not about home schooling, but about my experiences in high school and how hard it was for me. he had no idea what i went through and couldn't understand because he's been friends with his buddies since elementary school.
my brothers got to go to public schools earlier and sometimes i am jealous because they have really close great friends.
thank goodness for college, that's when i finally came out of my shell. anyways, sorry this is so long, i just really have an opinion about this. not that it is right, but that period in my life was not easy.
also,thank goodness for sports, or high school would have been miserable.
well, i know who you are talking about in the family, i would talk to the kids too and see how they feel about home schooling, if they love it, that might be your answer.
i agree that the location of where you live has an impact on this decision too.
i lived in a zero-mormon area until i was 14. but that is a whole other topic:)

Fri May 02, 01:32:00 PM

Blogger tim and priscilla said...

you will look so cute in the pictures, prego and all. you will be glowing. she does have photoshop, so we can tweak anything. well, about the colors of our clothing for the pictures, i am thinking only white, black, denim, and khaki. so whatever in those colors, pants, dress, shorts.... i think it will look really nice and i am thinking most people have something in those colors. and then people can take individual family pics. i can't believe how not warm it is here! makes me so mad, i want to go outside!

Fri May 02, 03:52:00 PM

Blogger Fab5 said...

Uhh I vote crazy but to each his own. Also you're just nutty to begin with so, more power to ya! But I still love your butt.

Sun May 04, 08:53:00 PM

Blogger Perkes Family said...

I definately can relate to the picking up of phrases from High School kids. We have had to retrain Jackson on some sayings. Like oh my G**. Not appropriate but hopefully he is learning that just because he hears or sees it doesn't make it okay :) we will miss you at preschool and in sunbeams :)

Mon May 05, 06:31:00 PM


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