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Making the World Cuter: Chopped, Painting and CKC

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Chopped, Painting and CKC

So...I took Bekah to Great Clips and had her hair chopped off some time last week, so those of you who live around here have probably seen her new do-but I am posting for those of you who haven't. I cut her hair for a couple of reasons-first of all, she complains any time I try to put "bows" (and bows can mean rubberbands, headbands or of course bows) in her hair and secondly because Chad and I take turns getting her ready and off to school each morning, and even on the mornings he gets up with her, I was still getting up with her to do her hair because he couldn't (or claims he couldn't-I'm pretty sure he was just trying to get me up!) Now she is ready for the summer, and ready for school practically right out of bed-just a few squirts of water to get rid of the bed head and a comb and she's ready to go! Woohoo-sleep in for me!!!

She also painted this butterfly that she got at Michaels-because every time we go to the craft store she wants to get something she can paint. I know it's not a perfect paint job-but for a little 4 year old-I'm pretty impressed at how it turned out!

She wants to do crafts all the time, and she always wants to go to Craft and Scrapbooking stores with me, so I decided to take her to CKC-the scrapbook convention downtown on Friday-I didn't really need anything, just wanted to look and of course I found a couple of things I "needed", but Bekah found LOTS of things she "NEEDED" for scrapbooking-here is a typical conversation we had that day-

Bekah: "Mom I need a heart book for my scrapbook pages"
Me: " I have a book to put your scrapbook pages in"
Bekah: "Mom-it's not always about you-I need stuff for scrapbooking too-don't you know?"
Me: "Fine"

-Not my usual answer in a situation like that with her pulling attitude with me, but I am pregnant, tired and the album was only $5, the problem was, that after about 20 more conversations pretty much identical to that one-the receipts were adding up and I ended up carrying bags of scrapbook stuff for her around while she skipped along finding more things for me to buy for her-I'm not so sure I'll be taking her next year...


Blogger Lisa C said...

The conversation you had with Bekah, had me laughing, especially the "it's not always about you" reasoning she came up with.

Mon Mar 03, 01:24:00 PM

Blogger Fab5 said...

Bwhaahahahaha-you sucker.
P.s. you're cute AND talented, way to go Bekah!

Mon Mar 03, 07:40:00 PM

Blogger The DeWeese's said...

her hair is adorable!!! she says the funniest things :)t

Mon Mar 03, 07:53:00 PM


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