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Making the World Cuter: Making the World Cuter Monday

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


Making the World Cuter Monday

Just in case you haven't been around this last sure to enter the GIVEAWAY here for a Melissa & Doug Trunki, tote bag, saddlebag and stickers for personalization from Gummy Lump!
I am beginning to feel a little more settled in our new place-give me another good weekend or two with my hubby in the garage and I think we'll be there!

I am totally in a "less is more" kind of place right now-both figuratively and literally! We have made who knows how many trips to the Goodwill-completely stocked their shelves for the rest of the summer-and have been organizing fools. Fools I tell you!

It's nice.

I had a chance this weekend while my husband played with the kids to go through the links from last Monday and found some super cute things and some things like this...

Not waffles-a PIZZA! In a waffle maker! Thanks Mo Momma for my new FAVORITE recipe EVER!
And I had to share this since it is so reminiscent of THIS that I made last year and just shared again-but Just Sew Sassy added a cute little awning that really makes this desk makeover sing dontcha think?
And this...well this is from Laura Thoughts you know that cute gal that was a feature here a couple Fridays back with her awesome magnetic make-up board tute? She does the absolute best recovers and this stroller is no exception.
It doesn't really fit into my less is more attitude though right now-if I had the original stroller it would have been 'bye bye' so to speak. Luckily for us she was not in that frame of mind! :)

If you were featured...feel free to grab a BUTTON!

Now it's time to show off the cuteness that you have been up to! Just link it up and grab a button to add to your post or you can leave a text link if you prefer (but just so you know my button is small and cute and really is more like a badge to let others know how dang cute you are...just saying!)

Check out these cute sites to make your world cuter!
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Blogger Laura said...

You completely made my day with your sweet comments. Thanks so much for the feature and for hosting the party every week.

Sun Jul 10, 10:33:00 PM

Blogger Lolly Jane said...

thanks sooo much for hosting! lots of creativity goin on here, love it! have a happy monday (:

Mon Jul 11, 05:05:00 PM


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