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App Maker, App Maker...Make me an App!

I started back up at school and all my text books are online. My counselor recommended I get a nook so that I can read my books wherever I go.
I looked into them...and I didn't realize how cool these things are! Plus mine is super cute in it's pink leather case. :)

Do you have a reader? Is it a Nook Color? Do you love it? I am in love.

I had to get the color one so that I could do all the fun things Angry Birds.
Can you believe that I had NEVER played it until last night?
My kids think I'm so lame.
I can not get more than one star.
They play on their Grandma's smart phone every time we see her, so they are basically champions.
Mind you they are 7 and 5.
After failing a level last night, my 5 year old laughed at me, and said "Mom, these are the easy ones, you know they get harder right?"
Well at least now I can see why it's an addictive need to be able to beat your kids at something electronically...and since they don't have constant access-they can't practice all the time like I can! :)

What other apps for the nook do I need? The app library isn't as extensive as it is for the iStore obviously-but there are a lot!

I transferred all my ebooks that I have been collecting and never reading because they were saved to my hard drive, and I never want to read books when I am sitting down to my computer...because there are too many cute blogs to read of course!
I think I will be able to at least look at them now, so that will be nice.

Any good eBooks out there I should know about? What are your faves? Nothing too heavy for this mama, I need a good page turner to keep my attention at this stage in my life.

I also downloaded all the scriptures and manuals that I lug to church each week. Super excited to be slimming down there! Carrying baby, purse, bag of toys and treats, scriptures and books gets to be quite the juggling act each week!

Only downside...

I went to download all of my textbooks onto it...not the right format!
There is an app if you have an i-anything, but not for my pretty new nook.
My counselor obviously had no idea what she was talking about.
Since my budget could barely squeeze the nook in right now-an iPad was definitely not in the cards...or in the cash or in the checks!

Oh, well at least I have a big screen to play Angry Birds on right?

Anyone know a nook app maker who wants to make an app for VitalSource bookshelf?
That would be great!

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