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Big Foam Blocks Tutorial

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Making the World Cuter: Big Foam Blocks Tutorial

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Big Foam Blocks Tutorial

I have been hanging on to these big foam cushions from my couch for a long time just trying to figure out what I can do with them...
It finally came to me one day when I was also thinking of things I could make for a new little baby being born this month.
Big foam blocks!
The biggest hurdle was trying to figure out how to cut the darn things!
Exacto knife-what a PAIN! Don't do this unless you have a LOT of patience.
I was sure there was an easier way-and I finally figured it out!
Bread knifes are the way to cut foam-makes it 1 million times easier!
I measured out the foam so that I would get squares, and then I took the knife to the marks.
I got some fun fabric prints and then measured out how long it would need to be to cover 4 sides of the blocks and then cut the strip.
I also cut 2 squares of different fabric for the top and bottom of the block just about 1/4 inch bigger all the way around then it needed to be for stitch allowance.
Sew it all right side in until you get to the last side, turn out and then stick the block in. With the last side you just need to fold it in and then shove it under your needle and sew, or hand stitch it.

Or you could do what I did on some of the pirate blocks and cut 6 different squares and sew them all on the outside to give it a frayed look.

Here is one of the completed sets-one couch cushion makes a bunch!They are really big, and I thought that just the babies would like them, but my older kids have not stopped playing with them since I started making them, perfect for building just about anything and perfect for throwing at each other and perfect for using as a small pillow when laying on the floor watching TV and perfect for...

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