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Making the World Cuter: Romantic Lace Dress Tutorial

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Romantic Lace Dress Tutorial

I just want to state for the record that I am no seamstress.
I am trial and error all the way.
When I have something I want in my head, I just go for it, no pattern all willy nilly style.
Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't.
Round one was one of the former times, but round two worked out swimmingly.

What you'll need if you want to make one of these is about a yard and a half of a thicker liner, and a yard and a half of lace.
Then just a dress that fits well to use as a pattern (if you are not using stretchy fabric, then do not use a stretchy dress unless you cut it extra big; the first time, cut to size, the second time I about 1 1/2 timed the size).
I wanted cap sleeves, so I used a cap sleeve tee to get the pattern for that.
Cut 2 pieces of the liner and 2 pieces of the lace. I cut the lace about 2 inches longer than the'll see why later.
This goes really fast, once it's all pinned.
Then you can be done.
I made a sash with some of the extra liner fabric, just by folding the fabric in half, sewing, turning inside out and sewing the edges shut.
Then you can either tie it in a knot, or make a bow.
I did this on the first dress, which I gave to my friend.
On the one I kept for myself, I made it big enough that I wouldn't have to add any closures, so that it easily slips over my head, and so far I've just worn it with a belt, but I plan on making a sash for it as well.
Now for the bottom of the lace I set my stitch length longer and sewed up the side, just up to the liner. Then I pulled the thread tight to make it ruched on both sides and then sewed it in place.
Using some pieces of the liner, I cut some long strips and rolled them into rosettes for one side of the neck just to add a bit more romance to the look. I hand sewed those on and voila!
I like it a little bigger so that when I belt it pulls together nicely in the skirt and top, making it look a little pleated.
I love wearing it with my cowboy boots, just to roughen up the sweetness of it. It feels very romantic, summery and light. I love it! :)
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