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Making this Skirt Cuter Refashion #3

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Making the World Cuter: Making this Skirt Cuter Refashion #3

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


Making this Skirt Cuter Refashion #3

I think by now, we've all seen how to turn a man's shirt into a skirt, if not...go looking, I've seen some dang cute ones linked up on my Making the World Cuter Mondays! :)

Well I wanted to make one too, but I wanted to add my own cute twist with a little insert and a little ruffle and yee haw, and I've got myself a fun little skirt!
necklace c/o Paper Trail Gallery

First thing you need for this project is a man's shirt, raid your hubby's closet for something he doesn't wear anymore or Goodwill has a plethora of these for around $3 (at least in my area). I found a green gingham that I was drawn to. Be sure that all the buttons are there, or replace the ones that aren't. Next you need to figure out the fit-the easiest way I found was to button up the shirt and put it on as a skirt. Then I cut right under the button of the next button up that didn't fit around my waist-just know that once you cut off the sleeves and the top, it will fit quite a bit looser, so size it at where it will still button, but if it's snug that's okay!

Once you know where you need to cut the top off-go ahead and cut that off, and then cut off the sleeves while you're at it. Now re-try it on-see looser! (I said looser not loser, pinky swear!)
You can mark where you want the sides to be at this point and then pin down both sides like the picture on the right.
I actually pinned down the top first folding it down a full inch because I wanted a waist band look-you could add elastic through it if you wanted, but I didn't. I sewed right along the bottom edge of that and gave it just the look I was going for. Then just sew your skirt up both sides at the seam allowance of your choice and cut off the extra pieces of fabric.

Your skirt could be all done at this point if you choose-but I wanted to take it a little further...

I took one of the sleeves that was leftover and cut off the cuff. I unbuttoned the skirt all except for the top button and laid the sleeve on top and arranged it until it had a nice insert a little shorter than the bottom edge of the skirt. Pinned it, sewed it and trimmed it. Really easy.
Then I decided I needed belt loops and ruffles. So I took the collar and cut some strips off of it to make belt loops and took the other sleeve and cut strips to make ruffles. I sewed around the edges of the belt loop and then attached it to the skirt, you could make these all nice and straight but you know me and my yee-haw kind of look when I sew...fraying is not a problem in my book! The original plan was to sew the ruffles in all the way up to the top of the skirt, but I stopped after the bottom ones on each side...a little bit because I thought it looked better and a little bit because my baby woke up and said in his cute gummy grin way that it was time to pay attention to other things.

But there you go...a different kind of shirt skirt to make your wardrobe a little bit cuter. And seriously, I don't think there could be a lighter more summery skirt than one made out of a nice thin man's shirt. Super comfy, light and now....feminine.

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