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Making the World Cuter: Friendly Friday-The City Cradle

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


Friendly Friday-The City Cradle

Hope you are all having a fantastic Friday! :) It's time to meet a new friend and see one of her cute projects! (If you would like to be featured here on a friendly Friday contact me).

Hi, I am Victoria Hudgins an event stylist with a passion for handcrafted design. I am so glad to be here today since Tiffany's blog is all about handcrafting beautiful things! I author The City Cradle where I share my own event designs, inspiration from others, and the many handcrafted projects that go into every celebration I style.

The holiday season is a big one for me, along with hosting a big DIY contest, I also have three separate celebrations that will be posted throughout the next month. Today I am sharing one of the projects that went into my Celebrate Joy holiday design.

A paper tree made from magazine and tissue paper. It is a very easy project that is also good catharsis for those pages of perfectly styled homes out of your grasp.

The materials: Pages from a catalog, magazine or newspaper, bight tissue paper in your color of choice, a small metal rod or thick floral wire for the center, and something pretty to top it off.

The process of making a paper tree:

Step one- Cut or tear out squares from both your tissue paper and your magazines. You will want to cut squares in varying sizes. I did some as 1/8 a page, quarter page, 1/2 page and a few bottoms at almost a full page.

Step two: This is the fun step! After seeing all those perfect pieces and heafty price tags begin crumpling up your magazine papers and tissue papers, being sure to crumple each paper individually.

Step three: Using your center rod poke a hole into the center of your papers and begin piling them on, small squares towards the top and bigger towards the bottom. For my tree I had about one magazine page for every 2-3 tissue pages, to ensure the tree had good color to it.

Step four: Fan out the edges of your tree and re-crumple where needed to get a good shape. Top the tree with something pretty and step back to enjoy your not-so-expensive and very beautiful creation!

*PS. My magazines seemed weighty enough to hold my tree up but if you'd prefer you could use a small circle of cardboard right at the bottom to ensure your paper tree will not fall over.

Thanks for letting me share today & blessings for the upcoming holiday season.



Blogger Regina said...

What a wonderful post.Thank you so much for sharing...both of you ^_^

This would be an awesome project to do with your child. My 8yr old loves to do anything that recyles. You have given me some great inspiration Victoria...thank you.


Fri Nov 19, 05:51:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thats a lovely post.. I love the idea of the paper tree.. and its so super cute!! :-)

Fri Nov 19, 06:27:00 AM

Blogger Christie describeHappy said...

Great idea and way to use wrapping paper that's a bit sad looking left over from last year and stuffed in the attic. Thanks for the inspiration!!

Fri Nov 19, 07:29:00 AM

Blogger Christie describeHappy said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Fri Nov 19, 07:29:00 AM

Blogger Unknown said...

wow, so simple yet so creative and cute. thanks for sharing. glad i found your blog!

Kelsey S. at Scrappy Ideas

Sun Nov 21, 02:53:00 PM


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