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Making the World Cuter: Toot Toot Tuesday-Play Wooden Pantry Food

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Toot Toot Tuesday-Play Wooden Pantry Food

So I have been sick and useless the last little bit, and my creative energy must all be going to this little one as extra nutrition.
My best friend knew I was struggling coming up with anything or the energy to do anything this week for a tutorial and jumped in to help!

I am so glad she did, when I am feeling better, my kids are so getting some of these cute toys! Sometimes the best ideas are the most simple ones!

Here is April's tutorial on wooden pantry food, thanks again April!

I LOVE to cook, and loved to play house when I was little. So, a few years ago when the little wooden kitchens started coming out I made sure my girls got one and the obsession began. It's been about three years that we've been collecting kitchen goods. I love the wooden food, metal pots and pans, and super cute tiny utensils.

I love the ceramic dishes, and I scour the goodwill for fun little glass dishes, cutesy little dishtowels, and table linens. I cannot get enough of this stuff.

I have been looking at all the usual makers of wooden food sets to see what sets we don't have, that we would like to get. I kept seeing these pantry sets. Blocks of painted wood with silk-screened images on them. Super cute, upwards of $20.00 shipped. So I got the idea of making some myself......cost = free! I had everything on hand! Supplies needed are:
  • from your own canned or boxed foods
  • scrap pieces of wood
  • craft paint
  • mod podge
It's a pretty straight forward project. Sand the wood, paint the wood, apply the labels with mod podge. (Don't forget to write the contents on the now label-less can with a sharpie.) Do a couple of coats of the magical mod podge drying in between coats.

I did do some thicker labels, the cream cheese and graham crackers were too thick to put on the way they were. Those I just had to peel the cardboard backing off to get them as thin as possible. Super easy little project, even so much that I actually let the girls help. For such a control freak that's a big deal.

Finished product:

My girls love them and play with them all the time!

Thanks again April, these are so cute, and you saved me as usual! :)

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Blogger Kelly @ Make It Sparkly Mama said...

Now that is a great twist and an idea. And I am sure my boys who love to "cook" might appreciate the sturdiness of the blocks, than when they get tired of cooking they can build a tower and knock it down.

Tue Mar 02, 03:08:00 AM

Blogger Sarah said...

what a cool project idea- thanks for sharing!!

Tue Mar 02, 03:20:00 AM

Blogger A. Simpson said...

Man, I can't believe what a "Duh-why didn't I think of that?!" Project this is! Love it!!
p.s. Sorry you feel blechy, Tiffany! If we still lived close, I'd make you soup and crochet you an afghan!

Tue Mar 02, 06:46:00 AM

Blogger Kaysi said...

What a great idea! I really thought that it was just the regular food, not what you had made.

Tue Mar 02, 07:08:00 AM

Blogger Mariesa M. said...

What a cute idea! I'm going to make those! Thanks soo much for all the nice comments on my blog - that really made my day :-)

Tue Mar 02, 07:32:00 AM

Blogger Summer said...

April is so amazing! What a fantastic idea! This is definitely going on my future projects list!

Tue Mar 02, 07:50:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am bookmarking this idea for when my 9 month old is older.

An idea for thick labels would be to scan and print them.

Tue Mar 02, 09:21:00 AM

Blogger Katie's Nesting Spot said...

Wow, you know what...this is seriously a really good idea! Not only are those wooden sets twenty bucks but they usually aren't that big maybe four or five pieces. The ones made out of cardboard are cheaper but are ripped and ruined so quickly. Love this idea and if my daughter didn't already have a set, courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa I would totally make these.

Tue Mar 02, 10:05:00 AM

Blogger Kimbo West said...

I love this. love love love this.

Tue Mar 02, 10:13:00 AM

Blogger Meg said...

This is AWESOME! I like it! I was trying to figure out a way to set up a little "grocery store" for my kids to play with, but I didn't want to use empty food containers because they would break too easily. This solves my little dilemma! Thank you!

Tue Mar 02, 12:40:00 PM

Anonymous Sew Crafty Meg said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and entering my purse organizer last week!

What a great friend to help you out while you are not feeling well! I love her project... so much nicer to make yourself than buy massed produced!

Tue Mar 02, 12:46:00 PM

Blogger too Blessed to Stress said...

JUST DARLING! I so want to come play house with you gals :) These look like fun!

~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

Tue Mar 02, 02:19:00 PM

Blogger Mod Podge Amy said...

SO cute! I love.

Wed Mar 03, 10:47:00 AM

Blogger Amanda said...

Love this! My mom actually made me some of these when I was little, but she just used the actual food boxes. I love the idea of using the blocks! So much sturdier. :)

Wed Mar 03, 06:37:00 PM

Anonymous anne @ Floralshowers Craft Blog said...

This is such an awesome idea! love it =)

Thu Mar 04, 06:54:00 AM

Blogger Amanda said...

super idea-- great gift idea for the little cooks in our lives!

Fri Mar 05, 05:05:00 PM

Blogger Kimbo West @ a girl and a glue gun said...

I featured this at my blog and gave you an award. All in one post (I'm very productive like that!)

Sun May 02, 08:26:00 PM


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