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Three Things Thursday-Crafts Q&A

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Making the World Cuter: Three Things Thursday-Crafts Q&A

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


Three Things Thursday-Crafts Q&A

Back to another Q&A!
Loving these by the way...
This one is all about the crafts.

Question #1: If you had to save only 1 crafty items you've ever made, what would it be and why?

Well this one is actually easy, (if I don't count the things I've made for my kids-because they would be devastated if I threw out some of the things I've made them).

But if I could only save one of my crafty things I've made for me it would be these chairs.
My free off the side of the road ugly school house chairs made into these lovelies.
They make me happy every time I see them and every time I sit in them.
I know they are not sentimental in anyway, but I love them.

Question #2: Do you have a particular craft that seems to fit you perfectly and that you would love to devote most of your creative energy to?

Another fun question, that was easy to answer.
The answer is Yes.
The problem is I don't spend any time on my favorite creative thing to do.

I LOVE to draw, but because it is time consuming, and not really a tutorial I could do every week, I focus on other crafty things.
I only have time for so much these days, but I know when my kids are a little older and a little less clingy, I will be able to focus more on my art of choice.

Question #3: Is there a craft/technique that you find harder than others?

My nemesis is sewing, as much as I love to sew things for my kids and do the few things here and there that I do, I am not great at it.
Me and my seam ripper have a love/hate relationship and it is usually leaning more to the hate side.
I can NEVER seem to get my tension and stitch length just right, and I am always having to go back and re-do things that I just did.
Frustration for sure, but I want to be better at it, I want to be able to make my kids cute things that they wouldn't be laughed off the street wearing, (maybe it's a good thing I homeschool them).
Anyways-working on it, getting better at it...slowly.

Thanks for these fun questions!

Be sure to come back tomorrow to meet my new bloggy friend, she's got some great stuff to show you!



Blogger Cas said...

I totally understand your relationship with your seam ripper. I posted about mine not long ago. I just started sewing and made a play dress for my neice. I kid you not I had to rip the skirt off 4 times! this day everytime I use that seam ripper I say a mental argh!

Thu Feb 25, 06:38:00 AM

Blogger Crafty Mommy Diva said...

fun Q&A. Love those chairs and fabulous drawing. My husband is an aspiring illustrator so I love looking at other's art work.

Thu Feb 25, 12:51:00 PM

Blogger Barbara Jean said...

Wonderful drawing!!!!!!!
Will be nice when you can get back to that.

Did not notice before that you are in K Falls. I am in Eugene.

You asked what i do with all my finds and treasures:
I have a gift shop. I opened it almost 2 years ago.
Fun, and a lot of work too, even though i am only open 3 days a week.
Next time you are in Eugene give me a call. We'll hang out!


barbara jean

Sun Feb 28, 09:15:00 PM


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