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Making the World Cuter: Toot Toot Tuesday-Kids Art Gallery

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


Toot Toot Tuesday-Kids Art Gallery

Wowzee! We had well over 100 links yesterday, I have barely had the chance to skim the surface of all the fun stuff on that list! Thanks so much for all the inspiration, and of course for making the world cuter!

Todays tutorial came out of a need for my kids to have more room to hang their art work, I get at least 4-5 "masterpieces" a day that my kids would be mortified if they saw me throwing them all away. I have file folders for each of them that I save my absolute favorites in, let the kids pick out a couple of their favorites to hang on a board I made for them eons ago, but I have to hang them. They needed something more accessible, and easy to use for them.
They also have a small collection of CD-Rom games for their computer that seem to get scattered around in their computer drawer without the cases, and I needed a way to store them better.

I went to the good old Home Depot and picked up a 1x2, for less than a dollar, came home and sawed it in half for 2 four foot boards.
Then I painted all but the backside black, if I was making these for the kids' rooms I would have put some cute scrapbook paper on the fronts, but since they are hanging in the common hall of the kids loft, I needed something more age and gender I just like black.While I was waiting for the paint to dry, I took some ordinary clothes pins and took them apart like so...just slid the top off......and then I have these two pieces.With the bottom of the pin (the side with the spring), I used a little bit of wood glue and secured 1 pin at every 8 inches, for a total of 5. Then using the hubbys power tools drilled holes in them and screwed them into the board with itty bitty little screws. I'm not sure of the size, but I'm sure if you asked someone at the Home Depot for some itty bitty little screws, they could point you in the right direction :).Then with my ratty old sponge brush (seriously need to stop being so cheap and splurge on some more) I painted the whole pin black.And because I couldn't stand the fact that the back of the pin was still wood color I went ahead and painted those as well, even though no one will ever see those.Then using some solid colored scrapbook paper, I mod podged some on the second piece of the clip, painted the sides and back and slid it back into place-distressing the edges a bit with the black paint.Then I hung it up in my kids' hall along with the other higher hanging devices, but this one the kids can reach, and have already filled it with some of their favorites. I think I will make a couple of these up, in some fun colors and prints and give them to my kids' friends for their birthdays with a box of crayons and some paper. It was really easy, and REALLY cheap, and I think could be really cute.For the CD-rom games I took them out of their cases, put them in some protectors and hung them here above the kids' computer, so they can easily see the games, get the games, and put away the games.
Love the feeling of getting something like this cleaned up-just feels like a little weight has been lifted off.

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Blogger Angie - said...

VERY nice! Wonderful idea!

Tue Jan 26, 12:48:00 AM

Blogger Bird said...


How easy and cool is that?!!

I always get baffled at what to do with the kid's pictures!! Now I know :D

Tue Jan 26, 01:16:00 AM

Blogger Lindsay said...

That is a great idea! My refridgerator is maxed out!!! :)

Tue Jan 26, 04:25:00 AM

Blogger Bird said...


Thanks for stopping by and for the sweet comment!!

Please DO come!!!! Maybe we can get an international crafter's boot camp going :D

I have space for 6... ;)

Tue Jan 26, 04:36:00 AM

Blogger The Activity Mom said...

Great idea. Love it!

Tue Jan 26, 05:30:00 AM

Blogger seven thirty three said...

These is very similar to the artboard I did! You can see mine on here.

Tue Jan 26, 05:36:00 AM

Anonymous Inkjet Paper said...

I wish my kids had creativity to do a project like this!

Tue Jan 26, 01:22:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is fabulous! I love the idea of using one to hang up the CDs. I may try that for my daughter who leaves them laying around to be scratched. Grrr.


Wed Jan 27, 01:16:00 PM

Blogger Kirsten said...

Oooooh, what a good idea!! That's a great way to display artwork - not to mention inexpensive!

Sat Jan 30, 11:38:00 AM

Blogger Lisa C said...

Seriously, clothespins are the best. I use them to hang my own artwork--because buying frames for all my prints would be rather pricey! And I just hang them on twine. But I was just thinking that I want to use clothespins for the kids' papers in our church nursery but want a cute way to do them up.

Sun Jan 31, 08:07:00 PM


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