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Making the World Cuter: Get The Word Out Wednesday-The Nifty Nappy

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


Get The Word Out Wednesday-The Nifty Nappy

Ummm...can we say CUTE?Oh the kid for sure, he's cute, rotten, but cute. :)
But that diaper. That adorable cloth diaper!
I love these. L.O.V.E. Love.
Now you may remember that awhile back I decided to cloth diaper.
There were...let's say...some setbacks to that.
  1. We were (are) students, and as such have no extra money (sometimes no money period). Cloth diapers can be a big upfront cost, although cheaper in the long run, the upfront cost was hard to swallow. SO we went to our nearest "mart" and bought what they had. Cheap.
  2. The pins and the snappee things. Disposable were so much more convenient in this area-just tape the thing shut.
  3. The bulge-seriously, and for what? The cheap diapers leaked anyway.
  4. The plastic covers-Porter was not a fan of the plastic, nor was I.
  5. The dad. He hated the whole thing, he tried to be supportive to begin with, but with all the setbacks above, it was just easier to go back to disposable 90% of the time.

So for the most part we went back to disposable. I put a cloth diaper on him every once in awhile...when we are running low on diapers and cash or when I feel guilty and down that I just couldn't hack the cloth diaper routine that I wanted so badly to do.

Then this week in my mail I get one of these Nifty Nappies!

In the cutest fabric ever. Ooga Booga.

Look at that bum! SO dang cute! Nothing cuter than a cloth diaper bum.Porter is thrilled with the thing. He thinks he is pretty hot stuff struttin around in these cool monster "big boy" underpants. He was showing his siblings his cool diaper, and I was loving that he couldn't untape it. One of my most favorite things about the Nifty Nappy is that it doesn't need pins or extra devices-it has super high quality snaps that adjust to fit the size of your baby. Oh yeah these are a one size fits all kind of deal-talk about money saver! :)

Well I thought the diaper was cute.

But then I dug deeper in the box and came out with the diaper cover.

Oh my stinkin heck! It is so cute! It's made out of a thrift store wool sweater (so resourceful) and is so soft and adorable. I thought for sure there would be super bulge with all this soft thick cloth, but check it out!It fits perfectly, and Porter was able to move and crawl and walk and reign destruction throughout the house with no problem.

And as it says on the website, with the nifty nappy and the wool cover together, these things are practically bullet proof! So absorbent and fantastic! Oh and did I mention the covers snap too? Total bonus!

The wool covers need to be treated with lanolin before use, and then they only need to be washed and lanolized once a month unless they get soiled. If they get wet the lanolin turns the urine to salt water and dries right up, so you only need a couple of these around. Another money and time saver for sure!

I am super in love with these cloth diapers, and plan on talking the hubby into getting me this set of 5 more CUTE Nifty Nappys and another ADORABLE wool diaper cover to finish out Porter in diapers. The nice thing is that I can use them on baby #4.

(No I'm not announcing that, I'm just saying that there will be a baby #4. And if I had my way a baby #5, and a baby #6...unfortunately McDreamy is 8 years older than I and we would like to enjoy our grandbabies with all our babies out of the house. So I think our next will be our last...But enough about my baby hunger!).

SO to sum it up, if you are even remotely interested in cloth diapering you need to check out The Nifty Nappy.

If you do not want to venture into the world of cloth diapering, at least check out her swim diapers-no more money wasted on swim diapers each summer? A one size fits all cute re-usable swim diaper is so the way to go!

Vilate has been cloth diapering for a long time, and has learned what works! She is the nicest lady, and will help answer any questions you have.

Want to know just how nice she is? First of all she is giving away an AWESOME prize in our giveaway that is starting NEXT WEEK (yikes!)...

AND...she is offering 10% off all orders with the code HAPPYNAPPY.

Check out her facebook fan page-she has a couple giveaways going on I believe, you can see what others are saying about her diapers...and you can see her new holiday nappy's TOO Cute! Leave her a comment and let her know where you found her! :)

So go check out her shop, and either start shopping or start deciding what you will pick out if you win her giveaway next week!

Disclosure: Nifty Nappy supplied the Diaper, the thoughts are all mine.

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Blogger Little Lizard King said...

Is he not the cutest thing in the world? Wow! Total doll baby.

Wed Nov 25, 03:26:00 PM

Blogger Nifty Nappy Cloth Diapers said...

He is adorable and the diaper and cover look so cute on him! Thanks for the nice comments too! :)

Wed Nov 25, 11:09:00 PM

Blogger Lisa C said...

That diaper IS stinkin' cute! And the cover, too! I've never heard of this brand before, so thanks for sharing. I recently bought some used Fuzi Bunz diapers and I LOVE THEM--they are so easy. I don't have a problem with our current system--sticking a prefold into a g-pants cover, but the fancier diaper just felt like a luxury! And so cute, too. I'm with you, there isn't anything cuter than a cloth-diapered bum--except maybe a nekked one. :)

Fri Nov 27, 09:10:00 PM


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