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Making the World Cuter: 1, 2 Tie My Shoe

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


1, 2 Tie My Shoe

My kids don't know how to tie their shoes.

The problem is that they don't have shoes with laces.

SO they never get the chance to prac

I decided this is something that needed to be remedied, but they are not in need of new shoes at the moment so I decided to mak
e them some 'shoe' lace-up cards to practice on.

It was so easy, (not to mention practically free) and the kids love them so much that I might just make a whole bunch of lacing cards for them-maybe some shapes, ABC's, Numbers, mind is just full of ideas.

What a great thing for the kids to warm up with in the morning before we start our school day!

I put together a little tutorial so you could see how to make these easily, your kiddo's will have a ton of fun with them, and learn to tie their shoes (hopefully) before they actually need a pair with laces! Excuse the photos I took them early in the morning, as we were starting our school day.

First use a cereal box and trace your child's shoes on it, (I am not a strong tracer obviously).After you cut it out, use your cardboard piece as a template to trace onto a cute piece of scrap paper.Modge podge the paper to the cardboard piece.Go over the top of the paper as well to make sure it will really stick.With a hole punch, punch holes on both sides of the 'shoe.'Take a piece of yarn or string if you don't have an extra shoelace around and put tape around the ends to strengthen and make it easier to lace.Lace your shoe.Practice tying them. Yes my daughter is in her pj's, it happens, sometimes we start school before they get dressed, and I am okay with that.
Now on to more lace up cards, stars, circles, hearts, the kids' names, I am about to become a true cereal (box) killer!



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