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Making the World Cuter: Breakin the Mold..again.

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Breakin the Mold..again.

Porter has been breakin the mold since the day he was born.
What I mean is, that Bekah and Topher were so similar in their milestones and everything else, that Porter sometimes seems alien to me.

First of all Bekah was born 4 days late-Topher 5 days late.
Porter decided to come 5 weeks early. Making him the first kid that had to stay in the hospital for any extended amount of time, and the only child that wasn't monster sized at birth (still 6 pounds at 5 weeks early, but it made for a much nicer recovery than the 9.5 of Christopher).

Then there was bottle feeding. Bekah would take a pumped bottle occasionally if she was starving and I wasn't around, but it was difficult. Never formula though. Christopher wouldn't touch a bottle, binky or anything in the fake plastic nipple form. Both nursed until they were 14 months, and I had to wean them through painstaking measures on both ends.
Porter had to take a bottle being born so early, he nursed after the first week or so pretty good, but was never a great nurser like the other two. He was too busy, and was much happier with a bottle, and I had to fight to keep him nursing until 9 months when we finally both just threw our hands in the air and said that's enough!

Bekah loved and still would love to sleep with us. Topher is the worlds best cuddler and would love nothing more than to cuddle with mom and dad every night.
Porter HATES sleeping with us. He tosses and turns and fusses and acts like he just can't get comfortable and makes everyone in the bed miserable. He welcomes his crib with open arms and gives you a happy little binky faced smile when you say night night and walk out of the room.

Next Bekah started walking at 9 months old. Not just a few steps, but walking. Topher was walking and running around at 10 months.
Porter is now 13 months and still flat out refuses. He has taken one or two steps to get to the next thing to climb, but that's it.
That's another thing. Bekah and Topher never started climbing up stuff until they were much older. This kid will climb anything and everything. I have found him on counters, high beds and on the back of the couch. He has learned what a stool, overturned bucket or a few strategically placed pillows can do for him, and utilizes whatever is handy.

Finally, Bekah and Topher have never been sick enough to require antibiotics. Not once. Topher for the first time, might need them this week-but he is 3 years old. I feel very lucky to have such healthy kids.

Porter once again decides to take a different path. I took him to the doctor 2 days ago and found he has infections in both ears and both eyes. Heavy antibiotic treatment required. This was one mold I wanted to stay in tact.

Still smiling and happy though, that is one thing that they all have in common. My kids have awesome temperments for the most part. Hopefully no one breaks this mold!


Blogger Lisa - edenwild said...

It's amazing how kids can be so different. It always astounds me that some babies actually want to sleep alone. I'm so glad Michael isn't one of them because it would make sad (though I'm sure some parents appreciate it). I hope Porter gets over his infections quickly!

Mon Aug 24, 09:23:00 PM

Blogger Chad said...

You forgot(intentionally) to mention Porter said Dad first where the other two said mom first, perhaps you are trying to forget that milestone.

Sun Aug 30, 07:02:00 PM


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